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What ’s New in the Something Borrowed and Something Blue Tradition?

Posted in: Wedding Planning
What ’s New in the Something Borrowed and Something Blue Tradition?

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue is one of the most familiar and most-practiced wedding customs. These items are good luck charms to be worn by the bride at the wedding, but don’t stress over them (unless you’re superstitious, or just not taking any chances!) We know that you are already under enough stress.

The practice originates from an Old English rhyme that actually contains line and reads:

Something olde,
something new,
something borrowed,
something blue,
and a silver sixpence in her shoe.

Something old signifies continuity. Something new is an optimistic dream for the future. Something borrowed denotes borrowed happiness. Something blue represents purity, love, and faithfulness. The sixpence in your shoe (mainly a British custom) is a wish for prosperity.

In this country, since a sixpence isn’t an item of currency, brides can be surprisingly creative in conforming to this requirement—or dismiss it entirely—only following the other four.

Today, the Something Blue is often fulfilled by U.S. misses with a beautiful garter. In another tradition, the groom removes this garter from her leg and throws it to the groomsmen, much as the bride tosses the bouquet (another interesting custom originating in England).

Just as the future-Mrs. may need to get creative with the sixpence line, there are many ways to modernize the good luck charms, and the tradition will POP with individual personality and style.

  1. Have you ever been a bridesmaid or maid of honor at a best friend’s or close relative’s wedding? If you admired something about her attire, ask and the Something Borrowed might be happily fulfilled from her treasures. A veil perhaps? That lovely, lacey cathedral length confectionary you couldn’t stop admiring?
  2. Is the gorgeous beading on the wedding gown too expensive? Those glamourous dresses can quickly outdistance a modest budget. Do you, a friend, or your mother know how to sew? A lovely way to honor your mother and add something borrowed and something old is to take pearls from her wedding dress and sew them into patterns on yours. (This heartwarming idea came from a Facebook post for Brides) If she agrees, and you are in love with her wedding gown, have the dress re-styled to fit you and today’s fashion.
  3. Something new is probably the easiest charm to produce! After all, most brides will purchase new accessories or a gown for her Big Day. Add something new that can become a keepsake, but a useful one…earrings or a delicate necklace can later join your favorite jewelry collection or a hair accessory can be used for cocktail parties or more formal evenings out.
  4. For something blue and the sixpence demands, think a folded foreign currency note (Canadian and British come in blue) in your shoe, or if you are wearing open shoes, to blush or not to blush, stuffed into the bodice of your gown!

Wedding traditions are just that, customs to be incorporated or discarded in favor of your ideas and plans. We will have more on wedding traditions later. Please check back!

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