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What to Wear in Your Engagement Photos

Posted in: Wedding Planning
What to Wear in Your Engagement Photos

You and the Greatest Man in the World are engaged! Wedding plans merrily swirl in your head. You hear happy bells ringing, taste delicious wedding cake, and smell the perfume of the roses you’ll choose for your bouquet. Suddenly, an important consideration interrupts this euphoria. What shall I wear for the engagement photos? Swirling plans come to a screeching halt while you consider this special attire. Stress Point 100,001—and you may have to plan HIS wardrobe as well!

Engagement photos are displayed on save-the-dates, wedding day programs, and sometimes the wedding invitation itself. As in any photo op, you want to look your best. These snapshots present the chance to capture precious moments between you and your sweetheart. No pressure whatsoever, right? While digging in your closet or shopping around for The Answer, try on these ideas for size.

Let’s begin with the four seasons (Not Vivaldi’s—now that composition will be playing in your head all day).


Embrace the elements! Mother Nature can be unpredictable. If the appointed day dawns sunny and bright, by the time of the photo shoot it may be cold and rainy or offer a cold, biting wind for your comfort. Dress for any of the weather’s moods by being prepared with winter accessories like a fur (faux or not) cape/coat, darling knit hat and scarf, or tartan plaid rain boots for dancing in the rain…or grab an umbrella and sing in the downpour! Props like umbrellas are a super loosen-upper.

Another possibility is to celebrate this occasion, and the season, without the accompaniment of the elements. As a couple, think about your favorite haunt, or the elegant setting of your wedding or reception as a venue for your engagement photos. Homochromous, embellished clothes, such as a silver beaded top, announce the season with glitz; without distraction. Ask your fiancé to don a crisp, solid-color dress shirt, thereby complementing your glamor.


Long for pristine sands and crystal blue waters? Or planning a beach wedding? Also, an ideal time for cloudless blue skies as a backdrop for that rustic or Western-themed wedding…good photo prospects.

In outdoor photo shoots, comfort is a key consideration. Flat shoes, shorter hemlines, and cool fabrics are an awesome idea.

This is a good time to begin your wedding theme, carrying it forward with each step to the altar. Whether nautical, country-chic, Bohemian, or that beachy feel of sand between your toes, don’t hesitate to flaunt your personal style.

Beach weddings almost require sand-between-your-toes or snaps of the happy couple frolicking in the surf, or if you are braver, in the waves. Bare feet or appropriate footwear advised.


The season of bright, bold colors and crisp breezes demands vibrant shades as well as a bit of warm comfort. Longer sleeves, layered clothing of knits and exciting patterns say Fall. For outdoor shoots, choose a color palette that coordinates with your shoot location. If you live in an area where the leaves change colors, rich ambers, scarlets, and browns will make your photos a seasonal treasure. Suppose you and your fellow find the perfect outfits of understated seasonal colors? Throw in a plaid scarf for you, and autumnal brown-gold trousers for him.

Don’t avoid bright, bold colors. Flaunt your personal tastes. Don’t shy away from wearing white in your engagement photographs. Consider cocktail, or if your wedding is formal and you like to dress up, go for it! Mixing in traditional venues always works. Beware of photo bombs.

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