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What Sports Teach Us About Wedding Planning

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What Sports Teach Us About Wedding Planning

You’re getting married! Excitement scintillates higher each moment as the time nears. You’ve spent a great deal of time planning for this perfect moment—the precursor of happiness that should last a lifetime. Married couples and fiancée/fiancé can learn a great deal from sports. Is your future husband a sports nut? Maybe he will understand this approach to your planning and your lives together. What do sports and wedding planning have in common? Let’s see:


Guess what? It isn’t necessary to be the fastest car in the race to win. As you work through your wedding plans, take one step at the time. Stay connected with your partner and enhance your relationship with a little slow-down time. You are beginning a happy journey through life. Your wedding is only the beginning.

Equine Adventures:

Most riders take a tumble now and then. When you make a mistake while wedding planning and end up on the ground, assess your position, check to see if any wedding plans have been damaged, then reason out why you fell in the first place so that you won’t make the same error again. To be trite, last but not least, admit your mistake and go on.


A two-minute break precedes a shootout in hockey. If you and your future husband find yourselves at odds over something in the wedding plans, take a step back, give each other space—not separate holidays, one in London, the other in Paris—but thinking time.


This demanding sport requires strength and flexibility. The stress of wedding plans can result in hurt feelings, unspoken anticipations, and miscommunication. The lines of communication must remain open, and you must remain flexible to a certain degree. You don’t have to change your beach wedding to a formal ceremony just because your future mother-in-law doesn’t like the sun…you get the idea.


Most of us, even those who aren’t into sports, understand the object of football—keeping the football in your end zone more than the other team. In order to reach your goal of a perfect wedding, you need to work together as a team.


If your goal is a long-lasting marriage, anchor your relationship by showing and telling your partner how much you love them often. It can make a big difference, as can a romantic, candlelight dinner. Keep the mystery and passion in your life together.


Hold off until the right moment comes along on any difficult conversation, but avoid waiting too long before having that important talk. Couples don’t always agree, and even their best laid plan can sometimes crumble. Don’t ever say I told you so. How would you feel if you were on the receiving end of this high-handed remark?


In this sport, the girls never stop learning and trying to improve their skills. Seek ways to learn and enhance your marriage and your relationship before I do. Together, you can learn to make your marriage something to be envied by others.


Set goals. Finances are an important area that should be discussed together, both long term and short term. You’ve read other information that confirms finances are vital in the wedding plans and the marriage afterward. Worrying over money can severely effect a relationship—and the people who comprise it. Talk with each other on this important topic.

Sports and wedding planning require dedication, focus, and the desire to reach a certain goal. In each of the above, wouldn’t you say that dedication is paramount? Dedication to each other is more important than a flawless wedding day. Do your best, and let sports teach you its lessons. Your wedding day might hit a bump here or there, but have a team player help with these small irritations and remember that the goal of either watching or engaging in sports is nearly the same—fun and fulfillment.

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