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What Hollywood Can Teach Us About Wedding Planning

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What Hollywood Can Teach Us About Wedding Planning

They’re fabulous, sparkling, chic, and suave. Sometimes the epitome of tastefulness, sometimes the bottom of tastelessness; either way, they attract the attention and often the admiration of millions. They are Hollywood weddings, and here’s how they can help you to plan your own wonderful wedding.

  1. Whether a rush job or has been planned for years, each item and part of the ceremony is selected according to the bride’s and/or the couple’s unique style and taste. When planning your wedding, be yourself. Your wedding should be infused with as much of your personal, genuine style and flare as possible. Be distinctive.
  2. Weddings can be stressful–even Hollywood weddings. Stay calm and in control, even when things seem to be spinning out of control. If your caterer is late, be gracious. If the ring bearer drops the rings, be kind. If your future mother-in-law has loud, boisterous opinions do not publicly disgrace her. If you can’t remain calm, cool, and collected under these circumstances, plan ahead. Assign trusted friends and relatives to handle these things for you in advance. If your sister knows to call the caterer one hour before they are to arrive to make sure things are on schedule, and your best friend coaches the ring bearer before the ceremony, and your grandmother knows to engage your mother-in-law in small talk when she appears to be building up to a public rant on Uncle Jimmy, cousin Tom, your bridesmaids, or your choice in tableware, these issues can be derailed before triage is needed. To top it off, you will appear to be the most together bride they’ve ever seen. Think graceful and charming, not Bridezilla.
  3. In Hollywood weddings, the groom is not neglected. He is dressed to the nines, treated with respect, and is not the bride’s errand boy. He has his own role to play. He is both prince and hero, not the sidekick. Treat him as such and he will be more confident and comfortable during the ceremony.
  4. Hollywood provides everything from classic style to the modern divas for inspiration. If you truly love the classics, consider choosing an era or specific actor or movie for the theme of your wedding and reception. If you lean more toward today’s Hollywood style, as you know, anything goes. Either way, make it your own.
  5. Whether from a movie or not, have a theme, a unifying thread that ties all elements of your wedding together. And don’t forget appropriate theme music! Take a cue from the movies and plan music for different parts of the wedding and reception, including music to transition from one thing (scene) to the next.
  6. Don’t neglect the romance. If weddings were movies, they would be pure romances-not romantic comedies or dramas or who-done-it’s. It’s not that you can’t laugh and have fun. And every wedding has its share of drama and mystery, but above all it’s about the love. If you laugh, let it reflect your love for your fiancé, your family and friends. If there’s drama, keep it to a minimum or it will detract from the wedding and soil a memory that should be treasured. And, if there is mystery, it should be intriguing and sensual, not creepy or scary. A good romance will adhere itself to the hearts of others and make
    them feel like a special part of the relationship or blessed for having witnessed your special bond. Your wedding should inspire those feelings in your wedding party and guests. Any Hollywood inspired wedding should be replete with creativity, personality, and pizazz. Avoid the tabloids, and your wedding will steal the show. For the perfect backdrop, choose Roof Garden to set the stage for your wedding.

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