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Wedding Terms to Know When Planning Your Wedding

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Wedding Terms to Know When Planning Your Wedding

We at the Roof Garden love our beautiful brides and handsome grooms. We endeavor to do everything possible to make your day perfect. These posts are presented in an effort to assist the bride in every way possible.

You can walk the bridal walk, but can you talk the bridal talk? In this article, we hope to help you with terms one should know when planning your most wonderful day of romance—your wedding! So, here are some pointers on the special language of weddings:

First, let’s talk music. You probably know the difference between the processional and the recessional, but what about the prelude? The Prelude is soft background music played while guests arrive and are seated at the ceremony. Just as a refresher, the processional is played as the bridal party walks down the aisle, while the recessional is triumphant music played as the bride and groom, now husband and wife, exit the ceremony. Pachelbel’s Canon in D is often used as a Processional. and Purcell’s Trumpet Voluntary is great Recessional.

The icing on the cake is a tasty choice. The most common type is Buttercream, a soft, creamy and sweet icing made of butter, sugar and milk. Fondant is a mixture of sugar, gelatin, corn syrup and glycerin. The texture is firm yet tender with a porcelain-like finish. Fondant is more expensive than Buttercream. To the sound of trumpets, we introduce Royal Icing! This not-as-tasty aristocrat is a hard, brittle icing comprised of sugar and egg whites.

The bride is given many options in veils. The Blusher, a short, thin veil, is worn over the face and flipped back when the bride reaches the altar. You might want the freer look of a Flyaway with its multiple layers, the longest of which brushes the shoulders. The Fingertip extends to the bride’s fingertips when her arms are held straight at her sides. A Bridal Veil Cathedral has a dramatic train and is very elegant indeed.

In the idiom of flowers, the Cascade is a style of bouquet flowing just below the bride’s waist. In the Cascade, the blossoms are woven into a waterfall effect. Did you know that a round ball of flowers suspended from a ribbon handle is called a Pomander and can be used as a bouquet or carried by the flower girl instead of a basket of petals?

The language of catering is important. Canapés are bite-sized appetizers served on a small round of bread, cracker or vegetable, for example, salmon, caviar, or tomato and mozzarella (Caprese). Crudités are an appetizer of raw vegetables, such as sliced carrots, celery, cucumbers, and peppers, served with dip. A different hors D’oeuvres is watermelon slices—sangria-laced pieces of this juicy fruit literally chill out the crowd. Tiny bits of citrus zest add flavor and look as playful confetti. The Corkage Fee may come as a surprise if you are providing the alcoholic beverages. Some caterers charge a Corkage fee per bottle opened which can range from $5 to $10.

Will you have Escort Cards or Place Cards at your reception? Escort cards are usually displayed on a table near the entrance and direct guests to their tables. Place Cards designate each individual’s precise seat at a particular table.

While considering Escort Cards or Place Cards, you might want to think about the relative expense of engraving as opposed to thermography. The latter is a machine-printing process, using heated powder to produce print a raised look. Engraving, which can actually be felt on the reverse of the printed material, of course, is more expensive.

So many choices! We sincerely hope these little tips take away some of the stress of arranging your wedding. Enjoy your wedding planning and one of the most memorable days of your life—the wedding!

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