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Wedding Season Survival Kit

Posted in: Wedding Planning
Wedding Season Survival Kit

Tis the season of Love and nuptials. No doubt, you are expecting some beautifully hand-addressed invitations from friends, family, or former classmates. Weddings are a fun way to eat, drink, and be merry.

(Even if the event is dry, you might conceal an attractive flask in your handbag to liven up the party a little; maybe even make new friends!)

Weddings are a wonderful way to socialize and meet new people. Don’t be afraid to talk to that handsome fellow who was the groom’s host and companion on their tour of Italy after college. His smile might justify wearing those gorgeous, strappy heels you couldn’t resist because they flatter your legs. Jump onto the dancefloor with all of the single gals having a ball to That Old Rock and Roll Music. No wallflowers allowed!

But to survive running the gamut of the season’s weddings in style, you need a survival kit.

First, always have your smile in place. This special day is the beginning of your friends’/sister’s/etc. new life as a wife. She floats down the aisle as a bride and glides away from the altar as a married woman.

Second and third, and especially if it is a beach wedding, a pair of attractive sunglasses is essential. You might want to rethink the aforementioned heels, even if the handsome Italian did admire your legs. Walking in the sand in heels with astounding grace is a feat to be admired, but not easily accomplished.

Next, dresses and accessories should be determined by the theme of the wedding. A formal or semi-formal gown is lovely and brings to mind “wedding”, but for a BOHO wedding, a floaty maxi with BOHO accessories is totally awesome. If you’ve penciled in several wedding dates this season, you have a wonderful excuse to go shopping for the perfect WOW attire for each occasion. Don’t forget to accessorize! These little gems will return the favor by the multitude of uses you will discover outside of wedding season!

If the event is scheduled outside, don’t forget to prevent makeup melt! Make sure your makeup is up-to-the-task. Lavish yourself with gorgeous makeup and stylish looks, but don’t outshine the bride—it is her day!! If the night will be cool, prepare with a shawl or light jacket coordinated to your attire.

Don’t forget a key factor: Money. (Or at least a forgiving credit card.) There are presents to be bought. Most couples list affordable gifts on their registry, but some secretly long to acquire a collection of their pattern in china, glass, and silverware. Your finances will probably make the choice here. If you know the couple well enough, you could be safe in choosing a present you know they would need or want. Usually, it is safer to stick to the Wedding Registry(ies). Take this opportunity to splurge on the wrapping. This makes even the most boring gift *pop*.

The last item in your wedding season survival kit prevents stomach growling—concealable snacks that you can nibble before the ceremony or in the car on the way to the reception. Besides, you will have more time to “see and be seen” if you aren’t prowling the food bar like a hungry lion!

Lastly, you will need adorable clutch bags that easily carry those portions of your survivor’s kit. These great buys will come in handy long after the season’s events are over!