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Wedding Planning – Are You Forgetting These 12 Things?

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Wedding Planning – Are You Forgetting These 12 Things?

It’s almost here – you are getting married, and the revelry has been non-stop. Enjoy this time with your family and friends. Go for a spa day or on a dinner cruise, but there are a few things you must remember to do in the flurry of celebration and planning your big event. In fact, these forget-me-nots are part of the wedding planner’s (your) To Do List.

1. Marriage License

Please remember to bring this important document. You’re about to make it official! It’s also a good idea to check the venue where your ceremony will be held in order to find out what the requirements are for obtaining a license.

2. Feed the Vendors

When giving your final head count to your caterer, don’t forget to include the people who have been working with you to make your day perfect. They will appreciate it, and you’ll be glad you remembered them when all this planning comes down to the wine. (No that’s not a typo for wire). ☺

3. Directions and Signs

To direct your guests to the various parts of your flawless day. You wouldn’t want them to need their GPS just to get to the ceremony or reception for that matter. If you point them in the right direction with a sign, you’ll be doing them and yourself a favor. Some possible signs might be ceremony, reception, cocktails or restrooms, and you can make these very creative or check Etsy.

4. Escort Cards

Arranging the seating beforehand can assist your guests and keep them from scrambling for a seat at the reception. You can also plan to have your more sedate guests in a quieter spot while your rowdy friends are situated closer to the action. Escort cards can be presented in many original ways and are an excellent way to tie in your wedding colors. Try calligraphy cards on a beautiful fabric. A little feistier would be fruit tagged with each guest’s name or personalized bundles of herbs (lavender or another fragrant herb) tied with a ribbon or string, or you could pin the escort cards to a board covered in color-coordinated ribbon.

5. Guest Book and Pens

Bring lots of pens! You know how the little things have legs and seem to just walk off the table. They can be offered in a beautiful short vase or some other creative, attractive container. If you have a special pen for your Guest Book, these will be spare in the unlikely event it is lost. For the guest book, the more original and attractive you make it, the more likely it is that you’ll persuade all your guests to sign. Think photo guest book with an instant camera to produce photos of your guests as they arrive. A color-coordinated background (wedding colors) is an attractive addition to this idea.

6. Favors

These nice additions are not a necessity, but add a bit of elegance and class. Personalized glasses are something your guests will keep, or homemade jam, jelly or honey with personalized tags. For a sweet touch, caramel apples are fun for your guests. Serve these on a buffet table with the apples on skewers along with chafing dishes or slow cookers of warm caramel, hot-fudge sauce, and/or white chocolate. Make nuts, crushed candies and candy bars, sprinkles, and chocolate chips available for delightful toppings. Clear bags and ties should be on offer so that your guests can have “apples to go”.

7. Bar Décor

A great place to add color and fanciful foods like vodka-soaked watermelon balls or Grand-Marnier infused apricots. Your guests will probably spend a lot of time at the bar, and adding some colorful personalized napkins can be rather attractive and fun!

8. Chair Decoration

In fact, carrying your wedding theme, whether elegant or more casual, through the entire venue is a great idea, but especially chair decorations, which can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

9. Break in your shoes

No one can be happy when their feet hurt. So, make the peds comfortable with shoes that fit and are not brand new.

10. Hair and Makeup

Wear a robe or button up during hair and makeup so that you don’t have to pull anything over your head, and your look stays intact.

11. Check the Sound System

You want your guests to be able to hear your vows, and they want to hear them. An important part of this wish is the sound system.

12. Cash Tips

Have cash on hand for tips and allow for this in your budget. Ask one of your groomsmen or your wedding coordinator to take care of distribution.

This dozen Remember-Me list might help to save time, energy, and most importantly make your wedding day the joy and perfection you have worked so hard to plan. Your wedding is meant for your enjoyment. Don’t let any snafus cast a shadow on one of the most special days of your life.

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