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Wedding Ideas Your Guests Will Hate

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Wedding Ideas Your Guests Will Hate

It’s your day—one of the most important in your life—the day you’ve waited for. Today, you will walk down the aisle as a beautiful bride, speak your vows with your handsome honey, and leave as man and wife. Your wedding day is about you and your future husband, but you will also want to keep your guests in mind while planning this big event. In most instances, you have invited them because you care about them. You want them to enjoy and remember your wedding.

The wise bride and groom will steer clear of these wedding blunders:

Inconvenient Date

Check your calendar and talk with those mandatory guests before you choose a wedding date. A problematic date can cause all manner of trouble. No one likes having to book vacation time at work to attend a mid-week wedding. By the same token, a holiday wedding might drag them away from their family traditions to celebrate with you. The holiday weekend wedding can potentially conflict with accommodations (expensive or difficult to secure) and add hustle and bustle to your perfect day. You wouldn’t want your chosen date to conflict with the rodeo or the Super Bowl, now would you?

Dress Code

If you set a rigid dress code, for instance, demanding that all the female attendees wear orange, or guests at your beach wedding wear formal attire, you could definitely create a sticky situation and create ill will.


Choosing a venue that lacks the right accoutrements for the season. An old church with no AC in the summer heat is a bad choice. You don’t want to roast your guests during the ceremony or turn them to icicles in a tent in winter.


Extended lulls between the ceremony and the reception. Venues for the ceremony and the reception being too far apart can account for this problem, especially in added travel time. Long periods of time between the ceremony and the reception can result in tired, bored, and crabby guests.

Cash Bar

Having a cash bar forces your guests to open their wallets, something few expect or want to do. Sure, open bars are expensive, and you may be on a tight budget, but it is perfectly all right to serve only wine, beer, champagne, or a signature cocktail. Asking guests to pay for drinks is a big no-no.


Plan seating assignments. Your guests will appreciate being directed to their seats, not wandering around trying to find their table. Escort cards are another good idea. You won’t regret this extra bit of planning.


The food served can make or break the event. Plan to taste the food you’ll be serving, whether a buffet or a sit-down meal. No one enjoys bad food. Don’t let bad food or a shortage of food be the memorable part of your evening. Make certain there is enough food to feed your guests—and your vendors. Also, guests will get hungry—and cranky—if food is served late.


Too loud or an annoying type of music can lead to early departure and guests not wanting to get up and dance. If the music isn’t working, ask your DJ or band to change genres. During the cocktail hour and continuing into dinner, keep the volume low enough for guests to be able to talk without shouting at each other.

Unclear Invitations

When you address your invitations, make it clear whether it’s a plus one. Otherwise, you can count on unexpected and uninvited guests who create a real wedding snafu with seating and food availability.

Your guests will enjoy your wedding and be grateful if, in planning, you consider their wants and needs. Make your dream day an unforgettable day for everyone!

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