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Wedding Guests’ Top Complaints

Posted in: Wedding Planning
Wedding Guests’ Top Complaints

Your wedding! Everyone will be anticipating a day filled with happiness, love, and great companionship.

Believe it or not, though your guests will more than likely remain silent, they may have a secret gripe(s). We’d like to give you a heads-up on the most common wedding guest complaints. Before you plan, you might want to consider the following.

For better or worse…here are ten objections that might assist you in your planning.

  1. Long time gaps between the ceremony and the reception. If the ceremony is at noon, and the party at 7 pm, what’s to do in the interim, particularly if you are in a location barren of entertainment options? Having the reception and the ceremony in the same venue is good cost-wise, and can save your wedding guests’ nerves from fraying. In any event, having the party within a reasonable time after the wedding is considerate.
  2. Food that isn’t appealing; If you spend all your money on a mind-blowing gown and unforgettable florals, please find a reasonable, but GOOD Don’t serve cardboard. Your guests may enjoy the ceremony, but they are looking forward to the reception, food and fun. They don’t want to suffer through a tasteless meal even if the band is rocking.
  3. Cash Bar?! Some guests will be offended at having to pay for drinks. Hearty suggestion: If you are offering alcoholic beverages, pick up the tab. Treat your guests like royalty. Ensure that your wedding stays in your guests’ memories when others fade into the past. “Remember His and Her wedding? Great fun, wasn’t it?”
  4. A traffic snarl in the receiving line. Standing in a queue, especially if you are hungry or thirsty, is bothersome and can easily become a chore rather than a pleasure. You might want to nix the receiving line if you are entertaining hundreds of guests. Just an idea. Most won’t mind this change in tradition…or saving the wait.
  5. Late festivities when most of your guests are from faraway. They probably have to get back to the old job the following day and have a nice plane ride or road trip in between. If you are having a destination wedding particularly, consider the time factor in planning your event schedule. Eating at 8 PM with the dancing starting much later may cause your guests to leave the reception you meticulously planned early. As an aside, don’t forget to thank these out-of-towners for coming!
  6. Bride! Glamorous Wife-To-Be. You are the center of attention. Stay out of sight until you walk down the aisle. Mystery adds spice for your guests, and some will find the ceremony anti-climactic.
  7. Long Stand-up Cocktail Hours do not give the guests who wish to indulge in your delicious hors d’oeuvres an opportunity to sit down and enjoy. Balancing a camera, plate, drink, and handbag can be tiring and potentially dangerous to the attire. The solution is simple: provide seating and a place to set down their food and drink.
  8. Big time gap between guests leaving the ceremony venue and the couple’s exit. Standing in the hot sun with a handful of rice for half-an-hour while the photographer grabs a few more shots isn’t high on most bucket lists.
  9. Facing the Unexpected. Early on in your planning, let your guests know if you are only serving nibbles at your reception. You wouldn’t want them arriving hungry expecting a full meal. Please specify the type of location—inside/outside—arriving in 3-inch heels for a backyard ceremony can be tricky going if you were expecting to be inside.
  10. Seating mistakes. Avoid crowding guests at a reception table so that they will be too up-close-and-personal when they try to cut their entrée. Don’t seat a friend at one table and her date at another, leaving him stranded in a sea of strangers.

Have fun and be happy on your voyage to your wedding day! We at the Roof Garden wish you the very best.

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