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Wedding Favors that Won’t Break the Bank

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Wedding Favors that Won’t Break the Bank

Do you cringe every time you look at your wedding budget…and expenditures? Nuptials becoming stressfully expensive? One way to trim costs is to save on wedding favors, without abandoning their appreciable value to your guests.

So many beautiful and interesting things—so many choices. Here are some fun and unique gifts that will make your guests smile and your bank account joyful.
There are many downloadable—and free—labels on the web that make a perfect addition to your wedding favors and add a bit of class and a personal touch to any of the gifts we mention later and cut the economic outlay.

Personalized wedding matchbooks – Start with a bulk pack of Diamond matchboxes that can be purchased from the grocery store. A stylized font must be downloaded, but the instructions can be found online. The most popular design is “a perfect match” with the bride’s and groom’s initials and wedding date.

Rustic wedding or western themed? Think personalized mason jars. The label can read “The Happily Ever After Jar.” How romantic is that? Add a few favorite quotes on the inside for a special and memorable touch. Your guests will be charmed, and you can buy the authentic Ball Mason jars in stores or online. Remember the label is free online!

Other reasonable favors:

  • Macarons are a lovely dessert. They only need a bit of pretty packaging, and you are set to go! You can DIY or buy them. There are tons of French Macaroon recipes on the Internet. No one will go away without a smile! Such a tasty reminder.
  • Who can resist S’mores? Grab some pretty clear bags and ribbon and you have favors for under a $1. Of course, in the stress of preparation, you might not feel like making S’mores, but have a party with your best girlfriends or your sweetie and save some $$. The pretty see-through bags are readily available at most stores or online. The ribbon will add the “look” you need, along with a snazzy personalized card.
  • Beach weddings are sunny, sandy, and dreamy. These little starfish decorations complete the mood perfectly. Or you might fall in love with darling wooden deck chair candleholders. Buy some votives, and this favor is accomplished.
  • Wine Saver Notepad to keep those vinos you loved organized and the labels remembered!

This favor is particularly different, and the hardest choice will be deciding what to put inside. Memories of days gone by, a Vintage Inspired Airmail Box, complete with twine. What better way to say on this day that you have wings!

Whatever favors you choose for your guests, they will be happy to receive them…because they came from you on an exceptional day in your lives. After all, they are at your wedding because they care. If we can assist in any way, please call. We are here to help, or continue to visit our blog for other suggestions. Happy Planning!

Be safe! Be happy! And most of all, be in love!

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