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Wedding Favors for a Winter Wedding

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Wedding Favors for a Winter Wedding

Let Winter paint the setting for your special day. Give winter a chance to enhance your wedding—nature furnishing beautiful scenery and charm. Imagine fragrant green boughs, silvery decorations…perhaps white candles in silver candelabra and lovely white flowers. Elegant or simple but definitely aesthetically pleasing.

Even if the weather is frightful, the fire inside is delightful.

Most venues offer discounts for winter or other off-season weddings.

You came to read not accolades for winter weddings but about another topic: Wedding Favors. There are many creative ways to thank your guests for sharing your magic day in your winter wonderland.

Listed below are eighteen ideas for wedding favors for the beautiful winter bride and her handsome groom:

  1. Packaged Hearty Soups – On a chill, wintry evening, your guests will thank you for the warmth and comfort of a rich, aromatic soup
  2. Useful and Beautiful Pinecones – Pinecones dipped beeswax lend a helping hand in coaxing the flames to flicker in the fireplace. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
  3. Assortment of Mini Bottles – Brandy is a nice winter, warming treat. Flavored liquors and smooth liqueurs complete this imaginative gift
  4. Mini Champagne Bottles – Add a glamorous touch to your wedding. When your guests pop the cork on this little bottle of champers, they’ll remember and treasure the memory of your fun and awe-inspiring wedding day. For even more elegance and glitz, coat the bottles in glitter!
  5. Vodka with Flavors of the Season – Suggestion: Cranberry
  6. Eggnog Lollipops – One word: Yummy. Well, let’s see, make that three words: Seasonal, pretty and yummy! (The Groovy Baker/Etsy)
  7. Gingerbread Man Cookie – Treat each guest to a delicious iced gingerbread cookie, individually wrapped (Note: Try this at home. Can be done.)
  8. Chocolate Covered Pretzels – Also consider chocolate-covered nuts in attractive or wedding personalized bags
  9. Snowflake Soap – Although too pretty to use, it is the essence of winter and very stylish (Calise Soapworks & Such/Etsy)
  10. Personalized Wedding Votive Candle – Personalized gifts are extremely memorable. This suggestion differs from number 15 below in that no effort on your part is required. ($1.27/each, Beaucoup)
  11. Snowflake Glass Coasters – Useful, decorative for the holidays and inexpensive (2 for $1.22, Beaucoup)
  12. Personalized Wedding Coffee Favors – Let there be coffee to go with the cake or cookie! ($1.92 each, Beaucoup )
  13. Personalized 9 oz Stemless Wine Glass – At the end of the day, this beverage glass will be a reminder of the newlyweds and a fabulous wedding. Lift a toast! ($1.95 each, Beaucoup)
  14. Chestnuts – Chestnuts are known as a winter and especially holiday treat. You can give these tasty nuts wrapped in small packages, or be creative and ask your caterer to set up a roasting station, then guests can take home the freshly warmed delicacy when the night is over
  15. Small Scented Candles – This warm and fragrant gift can be done at home and saves money. Wrap the candles in netting that matches your wedding colors and attach a personalized wedding card (one per guest or set them out, doubling as decoration, for the taking)
  16. Individual Pecan Pie Tarts – Warning: These little numbers might upstage the cake. Individual pecan tarts leave a lasting impression. They are delicious whether placed on a dessert table in small boxes for the taking or placed at each guest’s place
  17. Wedding Bubbles – In graceful silver bottles—for kids of all ages. Recommended to cause fun and laughter ($3.50/24, The Knot Shop)
  18. Full Color Calendars – This gift will remind your guest every day about the enchanting event. Discuss with your photographer using some of your wedding photos for the calendar and make your wedding day even more unforgettable

Let your wedding gift reflect the theme of your wedding, but more importantly you and your hero!

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