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Wedding Details: Should You Save or Splurge?

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Wedding Details: Should You Save or Splurge?

If your wedding budget isn’t unlimited, you’ll have to consider how get the most out of it. Of course, every bride and groom want their guests to enjoy the ceremony and the reception, remembering the day long after. What will have an impact and what will simply be overlooked or quickly forgotten? Little details can become big on impressions. Where to save and where to splurge on your dream wedding? Check out these ideas to make your Big Day a forget-me-not event!


Dress to impress. When you walk down the aisle, everyone will be looking at your gown, so your wedding dress is definitely a splurge item. That said, you needn’t rob a bank to get a beautiful (and memorable) dress. Try bridal expos, sample sales or trunk shows. You could save up to 75%, and that’s quite a savings on a splurge detail.

Splurge on ceremony décor. This first impression sets the tone for the wedding. Personalize the area where you will say your vows. For a romantic outdoor ceremony, fluttering white transparent curtains tied back with flowers will grab your guests’ attention and keep it. If you are getting married in a church, decorate the pews with flowers and streaming ribbons in your wedding colors, and don’t forget to festoon the door and entryway

If your budget permits, have uniformed servers at the door offering champagne as people arrive. Good but not wildly expensive champagne is available. The cost lies in the attendants.

Lighting is key to a spectacular reception. Hire a professional lighting designer to create the wonderland of your dreams. Proper lighting can hide a multitude of sins. An area awash with colored lights is eye-catching, or project a pattern on the dance floor and/or walls. Snowflakes are great for winter nuptials, or try a pretty seasonal design for spring, summer and fall.

Late night nibbles are a fun way to let the party end. Splurge on food your guests aren’t expecting like hamburgers and fries, catered Chinese, or a taco fest. The food can be customized to your style. There are so many choices.

Splurge on the photographer and videographer. Time flies when you are having fun, and it is virtually impossible to remember every wonderful moment. You will treasure these mementos on your 50th anniversary. Great photos and quality video will bring back warm memories.


Instead of long-stemmed red roses for the flower girl, save on florist expense by having her strew rose petals along the way. Very few of your guests will recall the flower girl’s flowers or what she was throwing away.

Another item where you can cut costs is wedding favors. Again, save on something guests are not likely to notice in the excitement or keep after the event is past. If you are crafty, DIY favors can help keep you on budget. Candies individually wrapped and tied with a lovely ribbon satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth.

Save on invitations. Hand-crafted invitations (calligraphy and expensive stationery) will cost you a bundle. Even traditional invitations can be done beautifully with laser-print techniques and basic stationery. What you save here can be used on more important choices like venue and entertainment, both of which are big splurge items.

An open bar is costly. You can save by offering beer, wine, champagne, or a signature cocktail that is seasonal and matches your color palette. We have seen weddings that only offer champagne. A selection of white and red wine accompanied dinner.

The frosting on your cake can determine the price. Save by using buttercream, which tends to taste better and is less expensive than fondant. Granted fondant has a smoother look, but it doesn’t have the best flavor. You can also save on the accents. Those pretty sugar flowers are handmade and will cost more than decorating with icing dots or flowers in your wedding colors—or blooms matching your bouquet!

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