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Wedding Details NOT to Overlook

Posted in: Wedding Planning
Wedding Details NOT to Overlook

Wedding planning is one part fun and one part work, with a healthy dose of stress mixed in. It’s easy to forget some of the small details that make your wedding day just that little bit better. This list of ‘helpfuls’ will reduce the s-word on your journey to the altar, even down to the last minute before you exit the dressing room in your wondrous, once-in-a-lifetime gown.

You might want to jot down a few notes or print these extra touches to personalize your fairytale experience, all the white making everyone around you feel special and at ease.

Emergency Kit

Do you have an Emergency Kit ready? Bad things happen to good people. This little detail is ultra-important. What if the zipper in a bridesmaid’s dress sticks, or worse yet in your gown? Suppose you smudge your lipstick or your hair decides to put out antennas to receive receptions from Mars? Lipstick, hairspray, safety pins, and a needle and thread matching your dress—and that of your other attendants—is an excellent move. Create your emergency kit and add to it as new ideas come to you. On your big day, you won’t regret one item or minute spent.

Powder Room Necessities

Powder Room Necessities are a gift you give your guests, in a manner of speaking. After asking your ceremony and/or reception venues about the availability of modern conveniences, i.e. bathroom facilities, start planning your Powder Room Kits. Though not as essential as Emergency Kits, they are a welcome touch. Add pretty baskets to display supplies of mints, bobby pins and safety pins, mouthwash, and stain remover. If you are hosting a beach or outdoor wedding, consider your guests’ comfort: think bug spray! Hair spray is an extra-added attraction, sure to be appreciated in any outdoor affair.

Beauty Basket

Also under powder room kit, you may wish to consider a Beauty Basket in the dressing room. The reason is obvious. You and your attendants are beautiful, perfectly dressed—down to hair and makeup—and you want to stay that way. If you duplicate your powder room basket for you and the girls, everyone will thank you. Going a step farther, collect samples of makeup and lipstick for the special ladies helping ready you for the walk of your life.

Dressing Room Glamor

Taking dressing room photographs to memorialize that time with your besties? Save your hair and makeup. On your wedding day, ditch the big sweatshirt and leggings, and substitute matching robes (silk is gentle on hair and makeup) to personalize and enhance these unforgettable pictures. Your girls will be delighted and grateful for your thoughtfulness.

Thank-You Gift

A Thank-You Gift for those very important people who’ve shared the stress of this wedding with you. A sentimental and heartfelt gift to your parents and your in-laws will help soothe any misunderstandings caused by the s-word. Ponder these truths: 1) You probably wouldn’t be here but for your parents; and, 2) he wouldn’t be here without your new mom and dad—and you are gaining another set of folks.

Cake Table Love

Your cake table needs Cake Table Love. You’ve invested a ton of thought, planning, and maybe money in your ideal wedding cake with real roses cascading down the sides. Pack a stunning cake server and knife (have your wedding date and/or initials embossed on the server). Don’t forget to include fresh flowers for that extra special touch. The bridal bouquets can be put to another great use! Few forget this detail, but a lovely cake stand is key to an elegant cake display.


A nice finishing touch to your cocktail hour is to furnish the tables with Personalized Napkins, glasses and centerpieces. The champagne toast will taste better from a distinct glass of your own personal style.

Pretty Undies

Pretty Undies are necessities. You don’t want to be harried out of your mind on your wedding day when you can’t find the right bra or panties. Do yourself a favor and splurge on something specifically for this cherished occasion. Choose undies dedicated to this wonderful day. Hint: Take them along to fittings to insure they are just the right match. These ‘unforgettables’ are a treasure you’ll keep.

Flower Girl

Lastly, but not least, your Flower Girl needs a bit of love. Remember that she loves the fancy attire too! A lovely flower crown or magnificent shoes can have a twofold purpose. You can consider it a thank-you gift as well as a pretty addition to the ceremony.

As you can see, small touches can have a big effect on your even bigger day! Remembering details such as these bring your special event over the top.

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