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Venue Lighting Makes All the Difference in the Wedding Reception

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Venue Lighting Makes All the Difference in the Wedding Reception

Choosing the right lighting for your theme and venue is vital to achieving the effect you’re seeking. Whether you hire a pro or set the scene yourself, lighting can transform the setting and feel of your reception. Of course, you want your guests to enjoy the event, but wouldn’t you like to wow them? Put your stamp on your wedding with these tips on that all-important element—lighting.

For a truly awesome lighting design, it is advisable to hire a professional. Why you ask? Aren’t you hiring a professional photographer and entertainment? Lighting can make or break, so add a lighting designer to your list of providers. This professional will make sure you have a plan and orchestrate its execution. You can ask your florist, wedding coordinator, or your venue to recommend a lighting designer. The venue can send you to someone who has worked with them before and may have photographs of the location with different lighting techniques. Did you know that most lighting designers have a stage background?

You should visit your reception venue at dark to evaluate what lighting to use, and what lighting will work best in that location. Again, the venue may be able to assist in your lighting choice.

The glow of candlelight creates a warm and friendly mood. Everything looks more romantic awash in candlelight. When considering a candlelight reception, think about candlelight for dinner, but pop colored light on the dance floor where most of the action will take place.

Float candles in water, giving your centerpieces (spotlighted by creative lighting) all the attention they richly deserve. Cluster candles into groups, making centerpieces comprised mostly of candles.

A combination of treatments works better than a single lighting scheme. Layer your lighting to create dimension and excitement without overwhelming your guests. A good lighting designer will know how to set up this dimensional feel.

A wall of lights is an attractive touch…lights dripping from ceiling to floor shedding their illumination and adding a different touch to the venue and your theme. String lights from the ceiling to give the whole room a pleasant radiance. Illuminate your venue in your wedding colors with color-washed walls.

Create a fairytale reception with lighting, and don’t forget the outside. Trees can be stung with white lights and made to look magical. Also, remember the entrance to the reception and use stunning lighting to welcome your guests. Tree lights are an excellent way to say welcome.

Elegant chandeliers provide a graceful and chic flavor, or orb lights for a striking but less formal atmosphere. With the gorgeous chandeliers, let strings of lights cascade from the ceiling. Another idea is a lovely canopy lighting to make the ceiling a wonderland.

Colors flatter—or not. Steer clear of green. No one looks good with a green glow. Soft rose light, amber or magenta make every skin tone look fabulous. If none of these match your theme or color palette, other shades in the spectrum can be used to ensure ambiance. Check with your lighting designer.

Project a pattern on the dance floor and/or walls. This will look amazing in photographs taken at the reception. Flood your cake with the romantic light of candles. Lights don’t have to be white. Colored lights provide even more contrast.

You can fashion a memorable impression with lighting. Plan the reception lighting with the same attention you give other details of your wedding.

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