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Unusual Venues for Holiday Parties

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Unusual Venues for Holiday Parties

With the holiday season nearing, it’s time to start planning your company holiday party. Would you like something different from former years? An unusual touch to your festivities? A fun experience to thank your employees for a year of hard work and loyalty? So many details go into an event: theme, location, food, music, gifts, and more. Today’s companies are seeking new ways to spice up their celebrations. Transform the Ho-Hum into the Spectacular.

  • Celebrate at an arcade. Your guests will find lots of entertainment and get to behave like kids! If you choose a restaurant with an arcade, you can offer a meal at your expense and a couple of drink tickets for each employee.
  • Racecar experience. Zoom! Zoom! Get the adrenaline pumping as you pull out of the pit road onto the track for the drive (or the ride) of a lifetime. The general pricing seems to be $199 for the drive and $79 to ride along.
  • A putt-putt golf adventure. Golf that anyone can enjoy! Your employees can play like children and indulge their competitiveness. Choose a venue that has room for a gathering and mix and mingle with the people you don’t get to see too often during the year.
  • A horse track. Most tracks have a bar and serve food so that onlookers can have a meal and drinks while they take in the hoof-pounding excitement…and the beauty of the sleek and swift horses. Of course, there is the potential to win money betting on the races—or lose money. Another option is giving each employee a certain amount to bet.
  • A museum is an interesting and elegant venue for a holiday party. Your guests can wander, appreciate the exhibits, and socialize.
  • Weather permitting, if you live near the ocean or a lake, throw a beach party complete with grilling hamburgers and hot dogs. No beach? Have a pool party.
  • Charter a private railcar for a unique party on the move. You may not be in Chattanooga for the Chattanooga Choo-Choo, but you can pick a great theme and make it a party no one will forget.
  • A bowling alley is a fun way to spend some time together and enjoy a little competing. Offer prizes for the best performers.
  • Go Kart track. Another fun driving escapade for adults and children of a set age or size. It can be a family affair. For younger children, provide childcare and entertainment with a gingerbread house decorating contest.
  • A historic hotel or historic event space will lend charm and grace to your event.
  • A golf resort complete with hors d’oeuvres, open bar, and greens fees.
  • Adopt a Winter Wonderland theme for a wintry, seasonal feel.

Whatever the venue, you might consider inviting clients, local partners, and other community members to celebrate the year’s successes and maximize networking.

Planning this year’s holiday party can be easier than ever if you stay on trend with the wishes of your guests and keep to the true holiday spirit.

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