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Top Questions to Ask the Ceremony and Reception Sites

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Top Questions to Ask the Ceremony and Reception Sites

As you diligently march ahead in planning your wedding, are details swirling around in your head? Are you frantically jotting notes of things to ask site(s) and vendors on notepads that can be misplaced or suffer that dread coffee spill? We have done the legwork for you. Take an almost-break at your computer with your trusty printer at your side, put your feet up (figuratively) and allow us to assist. Listed below are example questions to ask your ceremony site and your reception venue, if you are not holding the wedding in one place. Read on!

Wedding Ceremony

Describe your dream wedding in one word. Magical? Fairytale-like? The ceremony is the highlight of your day. To make the ceremony all you’ve envisioned, this information will definitely be helpful.

  1. Available dates and times?
  2. Booking – How far in advance?
  3. Discounts for booking:
    1. Off-season date or off peak time?
    2. Weekdays or Friday? Military discount?
    3. Outdoor wedding – Weather contingency plan?
  4. Fall/Winter weddings – Coat check service? Is there a fee?
  5. Other events occurring at location on the day of your wedding?
  6. How long will we have use of the space? Is there an overtime fee if the ceremony is longer?
  7. Minimum or maximum rental time
  8. How many guests can the location accommodate?
  9. Can people stand at the back if all of the seating is occupied?
  10. (If applicable) What is the denomination of the facility? Are there any restrictions?
  11. Space for a reception (if necessary)
  12. Waive or decrease the ceremony site fee if the reception is in their location?
  13. Outdoor venues (parks, beaches and gardens) – Bathrooms?
  14. Any permits needed by local agencies. (parks and public locations)
  15. Dress code?

We have listed a sampling of the questions given on the Little Things & Favors website. For a handy, printable checklist, follow the link and you are one step closer to the goal of Organization. You will have your questions at hand when you visit the location.

Reception Venue

You are now husband and wife, and the reception is your first public appearance together. Your guests have anticipated chatting with the newlyweds and the camaraderie of family and friends. The reception is the couple’s thank you to their guests. Ensure their enjoyment, and yours, by being fully apprised about the venue.

  1. Length of time in business?
  2. How much of your business is dedicated to wedding receptions?
  3. Do you have a portfolio of prior events?
  4. Can we tour your facility, including the restrooms, foyer, outdoor spaces,  dressing rooms, bridal suite, and kitchen?
  5. Available times and dates.
  6. Will my wedding be the only one for the day/time or will other weddings/events be going on at the same time?
  7. What room is available for these dates and times?
  8. Maximum number of guests for a cocktail party / seated dinner in the available room(s)?
  9. How much time will be allotted for the cocktail hour and reception?
  10. Price for a seated lunch/buffet lunch?
  11. Price for a seated dinner/buffet dinner?
  12. Are there different pricing levels/packages for lunch/dinner?
  13. Reception site fee?
  14. Are tables, chairs, table settings, glassware, silverware and linens included?
  15. Do you have space for a ceremony?
  16. Is the dance floor included?

Again, these are a few suggestions from the list provided at Little Things & Favors, printable version available.   They offer other checklist questionnaires as well.

We are happy to answer your questions! We are confident in our facility’s ability to make your wedding day dream a reality. Bring your checklist and visit the Roof Garden.

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