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Tools for Planning Your Wedding Seating Chart

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Tools for Planning Your Wedding Seating Chart

Do you have the Seating Chart Blues? Is the reception seating #1 on your list of most dreaded tasks? Many couples agree that this task is the hardest part of wedding planning. In fact, some brides attempt to avoid the stress and skip a formal seating plan. If you reach this point, close your eyes and remember a wedding you attended without one. Was finding a seat a scramble? Save your guests this anxiety or discomfort of finding a seat at a table of strangers. Take the time to plan reception seating.

There are on-line tools—some free—to ease your pain. We’ve browsed different websites. Our searches reaped results!

AllSeated is “a free collaboration network for planning events.” The site offers exact floor plans to scale, guest lists, and seating arrangements. Since event data updates are cloud-hosted, AllSeated provides instant access and “perfect coordination”.

Check out Wedding Wire Planning Tools. You can find assistance seating your guests, designing your floorplan, and sharing your seating chart. Also available on this site are vendors by location and category plus other helpful wedding planning tools. Wedding Wire’s apps are free.

At The Knot, you can access another free a seating chart program to organize RSVPs, gifts, guest lists and more.

Tablerr offers a free account for up to 30 guests. Their premium account is 9.90 Euros, which is approximately $11, one-time payment per annum.

Give WeddingMapper a look. Their digital planner is free and drag-and-drop. You must register with the site, but registration is the norm.

Easy and free, these digital seating charts will help ensure you don’t commit a seating faux pas. Placing your cantankerous grandfather beside an angst-ridden tween can spell discomfort for them and disaster for you. You can easily shift guests from one table to another, ad infinitim, with a single click.

Zazzle and Etsy offer wedding seating charts at reasonable prices. Both have free seating chart planners. Another good source for seating accessories is Wedding Paper Divas.

Perhaps, you want to assign your guests to tables, but not to specific seats. This arrangement works well, except in multi-course, plated meals with more than one selection each course. If you elect not to assign seats, you will need both escort cards (gives guest table number; picked up at the entrance) and place cards (tells guest seat; on table). When you assign only tables, just escort cards are required.

The instances where a seating plan is NOT needed are (a) your reception is 50 guests or fewer; or (b) you’re hosting a cocktail party reception encouraging guests to mingle. In the latter, make sure your elderly guests have a place to sit. Other than these scenarios, assigning your guests to tables is the easiest, most uncomplicated way to organize your reception.

Grab your seating chart and visit your venue. That small effort will make the world of difference to you and the location. You’ll be able to visualize the table design more clearly with these tools. If you’re seeking a beautiful, atmospheric, and romantic venue, please schedule an appointment with the Roof Garden.

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