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Tips to Overcome Stress Those 7 Days before the Big Day

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Tips to Overcome Stress Those 7 Days before the Big Day

Trying to ensure that your guests, family and friends—and the bride and groom – have a wonderful day can be very stressful. The tremendous organization involved in planning a wedding can feel almost overwhelming. The need to coordinate subcontractors like caterers and photographers complicates an already stressful situation. Also, the enormous cost of weddings today can play a part in a couple’s pre-wedding stress.

When it comes to the run-up to the Big Day, the last seven days, it is very important to try to de-stress as much as possible. You want your wedding day to be one of the happiest of your life and a grand experience for everyone.

  1. Limit pre-wedding activities as much as possible. Outings such as hen and stag weekends all increase expense and organization. Though it is nice to be with your friends at this time, those last few days think quiet and self-pampering.
  2. Make the rehearsal dinner simple and different from the actual event…perhaps cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, or a barbecue. Another idea is to allow the groom and his friends and family to organize the dinner. As tempting as it is to stay out late, establish a curfew and stick to it.
  3. Keep things in perspective. If you find yourself getting upset about something, talk it out with someone else and write the problem down. The latter helps distance you from the issue.
  4. Be good to yourself. Eat well. Sleep well. With all those last minute details, you might think you don’t have time to sleep for eight hours or eat three meals a day, but neglecting these basic needs can worsen stress and increase anxiety, causing you to make bad decisions.
  5. Love your partner. Do things you love with your partner. Try to keep the mood light and fun. With the stress of planning a wedding, it is easy to lose touch with the person you love. Schedule date nights and squeeze in some quality time together.
  6. Seek quiet and pamper yourself. Meditating for just a short time each day can help you become more relaxed in those final days before the event. Find a quiet place and concentrate on your breathing. Get a massage or take a hot bath scented with lavender oil. By lighting scented candles and dimming the lights, you can turn your bathroom into a spa. When you step out of the bath, slip into a lovely plush robe and lounge around for awhile. These small things can make a big difference in your stress levels. However, if you’ve never been into yoga, the day before the wedding isn’t the time to begin an elaborate yoga class.
  7. Designate a wedding day contact. Choose someone you trust to insulate you from last minute glitches. If someone drops the wedding cake, you’re the last person who needs to know.
  8. Adopt a mantra. When someone is getting on your last nerve, find a solitary place. As you breathe in, think I feel good. When you breathe out, think I am at peace. Monks have used mantras for centuries to find their calm.
  9. If you don’t have one, start an exercise regimen. The positive emotional and psychological effects of exercise have been proven. Walk, run, dance around the house—any type of physical exercise helps produce uplifting and stress-relieving endorphins.
  10. Don’t strive for absolute perfection. Your wedding day will be enchanting, romantic and beautiful, but nothing is ever perfect. Trying to make everything perfect is a big stressor.
    Practice some to these easy stress relievers on the run-up to the Big Day and arrive looking fresh, bright and beautiful. Here’s hoping your wedding day is as close to perfect as possible! We, at Roof Garden, will endeavor to ensure that it is everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

To make your wedding day more bliss and less stress, consider letting Roof Garden help. In beautiful, historic Galveston with spectacular views, Roof Garden provides all of the amenities you need. Contact us today to tour our facility or to reserve your date at (409) 762-5921 or check your date now.

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