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Tips on Spring Wedding Color Themes – Some You Might Not Have Seen

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Tips on Spring Wedding Color Themes – Some You Might Not Have Seen

Let’s do a wedding no one will ever forget, shall we? Choosing your colors is a huge part of the planning for a momentous day. The freedom of design you wish belongs to the two of you. It is all in your hands—especially the left one wearing your engagement ring. That jewel or simple but gorgeous gold band is the symbol of your love and commitment. However…

You can have fun envisioning new ideas for your wedding…your way—with his input, of course, though what groom really wants to be involved in color selections? Here are a few diversions from the norm that may be just your style.

Cherry red, khaki and tempting aqua!

Take the plunge into cherry, khaki, and tantalizing aqua. In Save the date or wedding invitations, these colors pop with a capital P. Carry this interesting theme through to your decorations and wedding favors. If you want to be different, the groom can wear khaki and you can wear aqua shoes. It’s a fun and zingy color scheme. How about an aqua-striped cake with yours and your intended’s initials and a splash of brilliance on top—a red, red rose? Or the menu with a red chevron topper? Excellent for retro –themed weddings. And too snappy to ignore.

Do you dare?

Crayon-bright and beautiful, tangerine, yellow and orange. Keep the rest of the color scheme subtle. You wouldn’t want to overwhelm your guests—and yourself—with too many rich hues. Divine for a summer wedding. Modern, yes. The blooms will need white backdrops, simple table decorations (of similar colored flowers) and accent mirrors. The flowers themselves will stand out and give guests something to talk about. Close your eyes and imagine this color palette with your central theme.


Yellow, gray, and silver make an elegant statement from the bridesmaids’ dresses and gentleman attendants to the groom’s suit and sunny yellow boutonniere. Lovely paired with contemporary graphics and sophisticated silvery mercury glasses for the reception. Don’t forget the yellow-sprinkled donuts and smart matching votive candles.

Sophisticated Yet Still Out of the Box:

For a formal, spring wedding give black, pale green, and white consideration. This combo can be a bit stark without proper handling. Cream, ecru white, and succulent greens add the right touch of formality but a different spark for the ultra-smooth look.

Who Could Possibly Resist…Emerald?

Emerald, cream, and gold—gorgeous. Allow your venue to ensure an aesthetic atmosphere. These hues are magnetic and deserve the attention they inspire. We hesitate to drop any names here, but the Roof Garden stands ready to assist you with this dreamy presentation that will cause jaws to drop.
Yummy! Gold, peach, and green. Why not present your guests with decorations in these fabulous but soft trio? How would a mint green wedding cake adorned with sumptuous real peach roses fit into your wedding plans? Your attendants in peach, carrying bouquets spotted with these colors is an attractive way to spotlight your day.


On to something a bit more daring…purple, burgundy, and orange. This mix really is stunning. Have flowers in the mix climb your white wedding cake in a splash of color. Again, Wedding invitations and Save the Date cards can carry through on this theme. It’s not something everyone has—how about you? The sumptuous tones definitely make a statement and are perfect for setting the mood at a vineyard or outdoor wedding…or an indoor wedding at the right location.

Soft but Sure:

Sage, gold, and ivory are luscious. Again, decorate your wedding cake with sage flowers and offer your guests cupcakes in your colors. Venue again plays an important part in the soft color combination. Coupling it with dark woods and vibrant Persian rugs wouldn’t give you the look you want. Keep in mind venues can be altered to suit the occasion.

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Submit your wedding design and color palette to us at the Roof Garden, and allow us to respond with dreams come true. It’s your day! Enjoy!

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