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Summer Wedding Cakes to Fall in Love With…

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Summer Wedding Cakes to Fall in Love With…

In the good old summertime…choose a season-inspired cake that celebrates summer and adds flair to your wedding. It may be hot outside, but inside, treat your guests to a taste of that good old summertime. Embrace the warm weather! These cakes have that Wow-factor, and the beauties are to be enjoyed as well as visually appreciated.

In season berries and fruits are tasty additions to your special cake. Blackberries and blue berries with a blue-iced cake make for an attractive, summery and fun feel. Consider a raspberry puree instead of the traditional wedding cake icing. A lemon cake with blackberry filling is unique and delicious. If you have a chocolate cake fetish, try a fruit filling. Cherry would be nice with chocolate. Doesn’t the thought of that combination inspire culinary dreams?

Throughout your wedding planning you have kept in mind the importance of color. Carry this rule through to your cake with summer colors that enhance the mood and appeal of the season. Think white, navy and red—or a lively mix of pink and green to tempt the eye and the palette. Add pizazz to your cake with flowers, bees and/or birds in summer hues.

Flowers are a delightful way to express the summer theme. Add real flowers (complimenting those on the cake) on the table surrounding your confectionery delight. Match the flowers on the cake to your bouquet, asking the baker to create sugar versions of your wedding flowers for a real carry-through of your colors and theme. Go bold with bright edible flowers on every tier except the top. How about an orchid cake in purple and beige with an appetizing type of this exotic flower. Ever eaten an orchid?

Something different: a meringue kisses wedding cake lends color and uniqueness. Again, you can bring your wedding colors and theme into play with this unique cake idea. Or another slice of a different cake is a beach-themed confection. Imagine figures in swimming attire running around a blue iced cake and sun umbrellas in the sand (beige bands between the layers). Different, yes, but a definite statement and great for a beach wedding.

The summer fever cake is a real eye-catcher in yellows and whites decorated with daisies. Daisies are such happy and lively blooms! A sugary yellow ribbon accents the square tiers. A scattering of white daisies over the cake and springing from the luscious ribbon itself shouts Summer.

A rainbow cake with bold and bright stripes and sugar fruit is a lovely tribute to the season or slice into a white cake with each layer a different, vibrant color! Add splashes of color to a plain white cake with a silk cascade of butterflies in rainbow hues. Candy confetti is a fun way to spice up the cake with color and sweetness. Add a champagne saucer on top and fill with M&Ms.

You have many, many options in choosing your summer wedding cake—traditional white to red fondant, lemon filled, orange flavored cake or an inventive alternative to cake. Your summer wedding cake can taste as good as it looks!

At Roof Garden, we love summer weddings. As much as the spring, the season lends itself to weddings. When you are ready to choose a venue for your Big Day, we are there to answer any questions and counsel you on this important choice. We can’t wait to see your summer cake choice!

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