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Summer Wedding Bouquets to Inspire Romance

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Summer Wedding Bouquets to Inspire Romance

Romance…and Love, isn’t that what weddings are all about? Flowers are universal representations of love and romance. On Valentine’s Day, twelve red roses to show affection… Some of the most beautiful flowers are in season in summer such as peonies, hydrangeas, and dahlias. So, it is no surprise that summer wedding bouquets are stunning. For your summer wedding, shouldn’t your bouquet match your theme—and be the essence of romance?

Is nostalgia whispering to you? In the 1950s, creamy flowers with dark greenery were all the rage. Relive that glamour with a clutch of calla lilies, gladiolus, sweet peas, and stephanotis vine. This dreamy bouquet is a perfect reminder of weddings in the past. A little unique and not seen in every other wedding today, perhaps, nostalgia’s whisperings are right.

Create a romantic vintage bouquet with amnesia roses, stock, sweet peas, Scabiosa pods, astilbe and astrantia for understated elegance. White lace and pearls add a nice touch and are soft and feminine. Like the romantic look of soft pastel and blush wedding flowers gathered in an abundant bouquet? This long-loved option is still popular with the modern bride.

Before peonies are in peak bloom, they look velvety soft, and the pale pink color is a good mix with other flowers, particularly for a garden wedding. A rose and peony bouquet is pretty and ideal for any wedding theme.

Thinking of a Bohemian wedding? Try a mix of deep purple succulents with anemones, greenery, and roses. Romantic? Check. Eclectic? Check. Different? Check. This combination is both heat-friendly and very striking.

Bold colors, burgundy, cherry, and rose are in full bloom for summer. Romantic Red! Crimson garden roses, ranunculus, clematis, viburnum berries, and scabiosas are a subtle but colorful statement with a pink or mink-colored gown. Finish with a taupe silk bow and you have romance to spare. A clutch of red roses and ranunculus tied with a navy box-pleated ribbon is a delicious summer bouquet.

A soft and loosely arranged bouquet of daisies, garden roses and fragrant herbs looks like it came straight from the garden. Add a ribbon with a country flare, and this bouquet is perfect for the sweet bride at a rustic casual garden wedding. Daisies are such happy and fun flowers! Add some daffodils for a personal touch! Another idea is a wildflower bouquet in peaches and creams composed of cockscombs, zinnias, hyacinth beans, old-fashioned garden roses, honeysuckle, pieris, vitex, and phlox.

Color coordinate and include your wedding theme with pops of color in your wedding bouquet. Bright, rich options, paired with gray tones, are popular colors for this season and next. Also, peach and coral bouquets as well as yellow and white bouquets, all paired with grays, are in vogue. Or jazz up your bouquet by adding texture with succulents and other non-floral pieces like wheat, berries, pine cones or pods, giving your wedding flowers a unique theme.

A few great flowers to consider are anemone (available December-June), ranunculus, lavender, carnations, and lilac as well as the peony, hydrangea and dahlia mentioned above.

From modern romance to vintage, these blooms are idyllic for that sun-dappled summer day and a seasonal bouquet.

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