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Pre-Wedding Party Etiquette

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Pre-Wedding Party Etiquette

The rules have changed! The dowry is a thing of the past as are many traditions. Some engaged girls carefully research the hottest wedding trends before making a décor, theme, or gown decision. Perhaps you are totally over old-fashioned wedding customs. Brides-to-be around the world are composing a new book of wedding rules. You have questions. Let’s take a sneak peek at the modern lasses’ Book of Wedding Etiquette, but beware—another variation appeared this very moment.

  • The Engagement Party

Who hosts the event? In years gone by, the responsibility fell to the couple’s parents. Today, anyone who wants to give the party can do so, even the happy couple who are probably more financially able than their predecessors, and it’s not out the ordinary to throw your own engagement party. (Caution: Ensure the guests are also invited to the wedding!)

  • The Shower(s)

How do I include more “me” into the affair? The person throwing the shower should allow you to make suggestions. They should know you well enough that you can interject your ideas and feel. If those usual games annoy you, let your hostess know to ditch the Purse Raid—a simple favor for you.

More than one? You can definitely have more than one shower. You may find your workplace friends, mom, or bridesmaids wishing to honor you with a shower. It is wise to ensure that the same guests aren’t always included in the different lists. You certainly don’t want anyone to feel left out.

Can I decline? You are allowed to decline if someone offers to give you a shower, but please be sure to give them a good reason to avoid hurt feelings.

Is it acceptable not to open gifts at the shower? Shower rules are now more relaxed. If you prefer not to open gifts at the party, let your hostess know in advance. Many guests will appreciate this decision, relieved that their gift isn’t exhibited to be compared to your other treasures. Again, the shower is a celebration of your love like the other wedding events, not about your haul.

  • Is a rehearsal party required? There is no longer a requirement for a traditional rehearsal party, but the night before the wedding, you should hold some sort of affair, such as a cocktail party (sky is the limit), including parents, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and the officiant on the guest list.

The rehearsal dinner may be less formal than the actual wedding. Here is the place for your imagination to soar.

  • Are pre-printed labels on the invitation envelope acceptable? The tone of your wedding will be set by the invitation. Your guests will appreciate the personal touch. You needn’t hire a calligrapher, but ask a friend or relative with good handwriting to lend you a hand.
  • Should I expect gifts at an Engagement Party? Don’t expect presents. Customarily, gifts are not brought to the Engagement Party. However, some guests will give the couple a small token such as Champagne flutes.

Today, you may feel free to express your tastes and style. The time is right for change. Here’s to the success of your pre-wedding festivities!

Allow the Roof Garden to host your pre-wedding events and assist you with pre-wedding etiquette. We love to work with our brides on making the affair—whether a shower or the Reception Dinner—a work of art created by her own hand. Call or visit before you make your decisions.

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