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Often Forgotten Tips for Planning Your Wedding

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Often Forgotten Tips for Planning Your Wedding

Planning a wedding with 500 guests, or 50 friends and family, is a multi-faceted undertaking. The two feats share many challenges. Have you reached the point in your planning where you stand in the center of the room, uncertain as where to go next? May we help? With all of the wedding planning “tips” available on the internet, you’re probably thinking, “What could I have possibly missed?” Browse these essential tricks every bride should know.

The first consideration, even before choosing a venue (which runs a close second), is your guest list. You’ll want to ensure that you have enough space for each one, usually estimated at 25-30 square feet/guest. This figure may seem rather high, but you don’t want to crowd your besties, and this space allows for tables, hustle-bustle wait staff, a band, and room for dancing.

Next up: Venue! In preparation, check out any events that might conflict with your wedding date. These can affect hotel availability, traffic, and other attendance issues. Auntie Jane might be planning to attend that jewelry convention at the Convention Hall, but it might also snarl traffic around your festivities. With your guest list in hand, apprised of your blackout dates and budget, brew a nice cup of tea and sit down to research this all-important decision. Follow-up calls with visits to your favorites, eliminating potential havens from your list.

Speaking of budget, is it the right time to apply for a new Credit Card to use strictly for your wedding? If you are considering this step, please shop around. Many companies offer 0% interest for a defined period and a rewards program. The rewards earned can be redeemed for choices like airline miles, restaurant coupons, or payments against the balance. If you are financially sound, a dedicated account for your wedding costs can keep everything together and separate from other sectors of your life.

Use the domino effect with selecting Vendors. Seek the advice of the wedding photographer on florists, and your reception manager on a band or DJ to make your dance floor hop. Use their expertise and connections to lighten your planning load.

Get Organized. In a previous post, we discussed the many digital planning apps available to the on-the-go bride (and what bride isn’t on-the-go?) These apps allow you to drag and drop guests from table to table, create a guest list, etc., are user-friendly and usually free. Check them out, and if you close the web shaking your head, try the old-fashioned way.   Make a three-ring binder and collect vendor correspondence, meeting notes, and, perhaps, tear sheets or pictures taken from magazines you wish to share with your vendors. It is wise to establish an email address dedicated to your wedding.   Amass and save important numbers—in your phone Contacts, or somewhere easily accessible.

A few other good ideas:

(a)  Familiarize yourself with marriage license regulations and any laws that affect your nuptials;

(b)  Be sure to have access to your vendors’ numbers on your wedding day;

(c)  Make sure your guests can see and hear, or you might lose their attention during the ceremony;

(d)  Don’t be afraid to ask your band for extra time during a cocktail hour or your venue for additional setup/takedown time;

(e)  Provide accurate directions to save your guests arriving with jangled nerves;

(f)   Choose a hotel near your event to book a block of rooms for your out-of-town guests; and

(g)  If the budget is groaning under the strain, pare down your guest list by priority. It hurts, but if you need to reduce costs, the guest list is the place to start.

Armed with your guest list, budget, and imagination, when choosing your venue, visit the Roof Garden, and see for yourself why we are a popular location for wedding ceremonies and receptions.

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