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Lively Flowers for a Spring Wedding

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Lively Flowers for a Spring Wedding

Spring is the season to celebrate the feminine, romantic, florals. Spring is nature’s gift, and there are many, many choices of stunning and unique flowers. The following are seasonal suggestions—what would be expensive off-season will most likely be available, locally grown, and from local merchants at a lesser cost. You can support the community as well as save money.


A native wildflower that goes well in a casual flower arrangement. The flowers may be single or double, and the most common colors offered by florists are purple, pink, red, blue and bi-color.


Grows clustered along a tall spike. The interior of the blooms have freckles that highlight their beauty. The lovely hues of Foxglove are featured in a lot of spring wedding palettes—peach, pink, purple and ivory.


These flowers are native to South Africa and symbolize trust and innocence. Freesias present several fragrant blooms along a single stem. Look for them in pink, white, purple, orange, red, or yellow. The arching stems and satiny blooms work well in bridal bouquets and corsages.


Grow in spikes on six-inch stems from bulbs. These fragrant flowers present color choices of pink, white, yellow, purple, red, or blue. Brides wishing for real blue, untinted flowers should consider Hyacinth. The blue variety is a clear, sky-blue with no innuendo of pink or purple.


Perfect for vintage themes. This fragrant bloom was a favorite in Victorian times. They grow in sprays of small blossoms in purple, red, and white tones. These clusters add texture to wedding bouquets, and in large arrangements create mass. Invoke the past with Lilac.


These white, pink, garnet, or red flowers represent a happy life and a happy marriage—ideal for the day you begin your life together. With its high petal count, the Peony adds volume, going a long way in any bouquet or floral decoration.

Sweet Pea

A chic, climbing flower in shades of salmon, pink, rose, blue, lilac and white. They are gorgeous in a lilac color palette or as an accent color. The Sweet Pea epitomizes Spring.

Lily of the Valley

Highly prized in wedding florals. Also called Our Lady’s Tears, these waxy, powerfully fragrant white or pink flowers are most commonly used as fillers in bouquets because their delicate blooms won’t stand out in a large arrangement.


Want to make your own statement? Longing for something different? Poppy it is! The red flowers with black centers are great in homochromous bouquets. The petals are showy and may be almost any color.

Calla Lily

Gorgeous as a single-flower bouquet tied with a ribbon in a color matching your theme and palette. Red Calla Lilies symbolize admiration, beauty, courage, and heat. Pink is the color of love, and pink Calla Lilies represent gentleness and happiness. Purple is the royal color, but purple Calla Lilies speak of dignity, tradition, and success as well. These pretty flowers are found in lavender, white, yellow, and orange.


A stylish bloom that comes in reds, oranges, and yellows, but there are pink and blush shades. The blush is quite expensive. This sturdy stemmed, hardy flower is a superb choice for brides and bridesmaids bouquets. There is only a single, rather small flower on each stem that will result in needing a number of stems.


Beautiful and elegant carried alone, creating a spectacular effect. The Magnolia is named after the French botanist Pierre Magnot. These fragrant blooms are associated with the color white, but they come in a variety of colors including pink, mauve, peach, yellow, lavender and purple. The Magnolia’s meaning changes according to color:

  • White Magnolias stand for purity and perfection
  • Pink Magnolias symbolize youth, innocence, and joy
  • Green Magnolias are for joy, health, luck, and good fortune
  • Purple Magnolias signify achieving wishes of luck and health.

Have a great time selecting your Spring wedding flowers. With such a gorgeous choice, you can’t go wrong!

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