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Information Guests Want Before the Wedding

Posted in: Wedding Planning
Information Guests Want Before the Wedding

Having diligently planned for months, you and your future husband possess ALL the information. However, you need to be sure when you are planning, you think of your guests. Oh, the reception, whether a cocktail hour or a full sit-down meal, has been designed with particular attention to your guests’ enjoyment. But before you congratulate yourself on a job well done:

There are important details you need to share with your guests.

One good way to begin is your wedding website. Your wedding website is really about communicating certain important data to your guests to help them have a good time. Either on your website, an insert in your invitation, by word of mouth, or an email invite, be sure to convey a few necessary details.

What to tell your guests BEFORE the special event:

  1. Other Wedding Activities. Are you having a cocktail party before or a brunch the day following the wedding? Your guests will appreciate this bit of info in order to make their plans. These additional activities can affect their time off from work, booking their flights and hotels, and whether to ask for late checkout. If you are hosting a lot of out-of-town guests, a nice (and appreciated) gesture is to include recommendations for local restaurants and attractions, markets, and pharmacies. The extra time spent now will reap benefits in disorganization later.
  2. The Gift. They’ve invested considerable time in choosing a gift and would like to know if you received that lovely flowered vase with a cupid on the front. A quick call or email to say you got it, love it, and be on the lookout for a note from the two of you to arrive shortly. Timely thank you notes are a sign of your appreciation and thoughtfulness.
  3. Dress Code. Don’t overlook this important detail on your invitation or elsewhere. Your guests sincerely want to arrive in the proper attire. Feeling overdressed or underdressed is uncomfortable to most, except perhaps Third Cousin George on your groom’s side who might show up in denim overalls and be quite happy.   Be kind and let them know what to wear, so they can arrive feeling attractive and confident. If a destination wedding, another tidbit to share is the local climate.
  4. Proper Footwear. If a church or ballroom is the venue for the wedding and reception, this might not present a problem, but footing like rocky paths, plush grass, or sand needs to be stated in advance. No one dreams of arriving in heels to aerate a lush green lawn.
  5. Directions to the venue and information about parking is welcome. Let them know if transportation is provided and save them unnecessary planning.
  6. Toasting the couple is a good way to include people in your celebration. Advance notice of this honor will be appreciated. Those guests will want to prepare. Choose well. You do not want the toasts to become a roast.

Your wedding day! A magical day you are sharing with your guests. Take a few moments to share some important details with them. They’ll be glad you did…and so will you.

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