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Important Information to Include in Your Wedding Invitations

Posted in: Wedding Planning
Important Information to Include in Your Wedding Invitations

You’re ready to order your invitations. Or are you? Have you included sufficient information in the invitation to help your guests find the venue(s) and remember your Magical Day, not because they got lost? Make a list and check it twice before taking this important step into the realm of pretty paper goods. Needless to say, your invitations need to be as perfect as the event.

Modern brides are creating new wedding customs for the changing times. When you order the centerpiece of your wedding stationery, you want to include sufficient detail in your invitation to aid in your planning and ensure your guests’ comfort and enjoyment. With constantly evolving traditions, think about adding:

Reception Cards

If the ceremony and reception are to be held at different venues, a Reception Card is a must. Couples also use Reception Cards when the ceremony guest list is different from the reception guest list. The wording of this card indicates the formality and nature of the wedding, i.e., a reception before 1 p.m., Breakfast Reception; and after 1 p.m. simply Reception. For a sit-down meal, you will want to indicate it is a Dinner Reception. The wedding invitation supplies details about the ceremony. The Reception Card gives the location and time of the celebration. Place the Reception Card on top of the invitation, separated by tissue paper.

“Adults Only” affairs should be indicated by the named addressees on the envelope and by spreading this info word-of-mouth. If you designate Adults Only in the invitation suite, do so at the very bottom of the Reception Card. **The inner envelope is an ideal place to indicate who is…and isn’t…invited.

All Important Directions Card!

Some people find it difficult to navigate out of their driveway without a GPS or map app. In consideration of these directionally-challenged few, and your guests’ good tempers, include directions, either on a card accompanying the invitation, or on your wedding website. Use an easily readable font for the directions cards.

Response Cards

An on-line response service can be very convenient, but be mindful of the older generation. Some people may not be comfortable using computers or trust the internet. Include Response Cards and a stamp for their return.


For out-of-town guests, you may wish to tuck an Accommodations Card into the envelope with the invitation. A deadline for making reservations is helpful not necessary. If you elect not to provide Accommodations Cards, please give this information on your wedding website.

Consider your wedding style—formal or casual—along with your budget and the timing in making this difficult choice. There are so many beautiful selections. Now is your chance to express your style with color, theme, or motif applied to each piece in the wedding invitation suite. Reminder: Wedding Invitations should be sent 6-8 weeks prior to the event. Be sure your invitations present key details—time, date, location(s). Amazingly, in the hustle-bustle of wedding planning, some couples actually do forget to include such vital information!

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