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How to Solve Those Wedding Day Mishaps

Posted in: Wedding Planning
How to Solve Those Wedding Day Mishaps

What if Murphy’s Law (Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong) strikes on your wedding day? What if you spill red wine on your gown or your heel breaks on your walk to the altar? Hopefully, something contained in this blog will help with those blunders that can happen to anyone, any day—even on your special day!

The Dreaded Spill

Red wine is seen in some traditional wedding ceremonies, as well as being a favorite cocktail. So, it is very possible it will make an appearance sometime during the big events. Hopefully, only a few drops not the entire glass, but immediate action is essential. The stain must not set. Gently dab, never rub, the stain with a napkin moistened with water or club soda. Remember the key is to dab not rub. Chalk can be used (after the area is dry) to gently cover any remaining stain. ASAP the wedding, ask a friend to take the dress to a cleaner experienced in wedding gowns.

Wardrobe Malfunction

Always make sure to bring a sewing kit, including the thread to match your gown (this may require some searching). Another quick fix is the safety pin. Add to your list as necessary: Sewing kit, thread, and safety pins—large and small—for emergencies like a zipper breaking—safety pins to the rescue.

Puffy Eyes

Oh no! A case of the puffy eyes. Be prepared by placing two teaspoons in the freezer for about 15-20 minutes. In the interim, drink some detoxing lemon water. When the spoons are frosty, place them across your eyelids with the round part against the lid. In the absence of teaspoons, try ice wrapped in paper towels.

Broken Heel

That dramatic walk down the aisle shouldn’t be the victim of a broken heel. Check the quality of the shoes you purchase. At home, practice walking in them, becoming accustomed to their feel. As a side benefit, the soles will be slightly scuffed to help prevent slipping. If the heel does snap, don’t panic. Be prepared with a hot glue gun…and a quick draw friend.


If your mascara runs, and you look like a panda in a wedding gown, all is not lost. Without water resistant mascara, you might face this dilemma. Use a wet Q-tip to remove the smudges. You will need to touch up your under eye with concealer, foundation, and setting powder. Wet Q-tip fail? Try a bit of grease. Be prepared with a small container of Aquaphor Baby. This advice comes from Angel Swanson, wedding planner.


You smudged your nail polish? Into that box of Q-Tips again! A fingertip may be used in lieu of a Q-Tip. Apply a small amount of nail polish remover to the damage. Let nail dry. Apply clear nail polish to the area. Finish with your nail polish, in your possession but not in your purse. The latter could lead to another problem…a spill.


A run in your hose can be a minor disaster. Repair, if small, with clear nail polish. If beyond repair, ditch the stockings entirely.

Here’s hoping none of these wedding day blunders come to haunt you. Preparedness seems to be the key word, an Emergency Wedding Day Kit an absolute necessity.

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