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How to Save Money on Wedding and Rehearsal Dinner Venues

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How to Save Money on Wedding and Rehearsal Dinner Venues

According to Money Crashers, the average wedding in the United States costs over $20,000. To make your wedding day perfect you shouldn’t have to smash the Piggy Bank! It is possible to have a romantic, indeed a spectacular wedding, on a budget. The first priority is to make a budget and resolve to stick to its limits. The following tips will help you toward that end.

Location, Location, Location

One of the best and easiest ways to save money on your wedding venue is to hold the wedding and the reception at the same location. The chief benefit is paying one rental fee, but there are other substantial considerations, for instance eliminating transportation costs for you and your guests to a second location. Flowers can easily be moved from the ceremony to the reception. The stress factor will be reduced. You won’t have to worry about how much cutlery you need!

Savings on Suppliers

By using your venue’s recommended suppliers, you may receive discounts. They have previously worked at the location and will know how to decorate the space.

Date and Time

Don’t plan your wedding on a Saturday. Consider a Friday, Thursday or Sunday. You might also think about an off-season or daytime wedding. The same venue cost may vary substantially according to the date and time of your special day. If you plan your wedding around the Christmas season, you can take advantage of the decorations in place, and perhaps not have to add the expense of flowers.

Decorations Inherent to the Venue

A place with natural beauty—a river, lake, mountaintop or historic charm—can lend a magical allure to your wedding.


Although the wedding gown is a focal point, be wise in your choice. Rather than a dress embellished with crystal, buy one embellished with glass beads. In some instances, you can save money by paying cash for your gown. Another tip…bridal veils are expensive…borrow one or buy one from eBay. For the groom’s tuxedo, if the groomsmen will be in tuxes and don’t own one, negotiate with the rental store to give you the groom’s tuxedo free if the others are ordered from the same place.

Bridal Party

The attendants bear the expense of their attire, but the bride and groom are responsible for gifts, rehearsal dinner costs, and bouquets and boutonnières. Consider reducing the size of your bridal party.

Rehearsal Dinner

Be creative! Think out of the box! The wedding and the reception are what your guests will remember. You will want to spend your money on a fantastic venue. For the Rehearsal Dinner, plan a barbeque, choose a restaurant that is special to you and your friends, have a pizza party. If you or someone you know has a beautiful backyard, hold a small, intimate garden party, or speaking of all-inclusive packages, talk with your wedding venue about holding the Rehearsal Dinner there as well.

Skip Flowers

Try potted ferns and simple candles at the altar rather than flowers and ribbons. This treatment is less expensive and can be very elegant.

Let There be Music

Hiring students is a good way to trim your music budget. Contact local university music departments for recommendations. Also, stick to your schedule to avoid additional costs.

And the final and probably the most difficult…

Days to Come

In the excitement of planning and preparations, it is easy to forget that your wedding day is only the beginning. The bride and groom are making a lifetime commitment. Set goals for the future that will help keep you on budget.That new SUV or bigger house? Save money on your wedding day for the days ahead.

Remember, simplicity saves money. If you plan your wedding with that in mind, your special day could be even more serene, breathtaking and memorable.

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