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How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget

Posted in: Wedding Planning
How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget

You want to be frugal. You don’t want to be cheap, or see moths escaping from your purse. However, there is only so much money for a one-day event.

You are not alone. Many brides falter on this quandary. Take heart. At times, you may not believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but trimming a budget can be done using these saving tips.

    1. Guest List Inflation. We all know about our national economy. Weddings, too, have their own economy. More guests than money? The best way to shave down costs is to avoid overindulging when making your guest list. You want to invite everyone to share in your celebration, but… Since the guest list is one of the early tasks, it is important to begin saving in the initial planning stages. It might be a great idea not to invite the groom’s cousin five times-removed, or the mail clerk at work, unless you have a close relationship with them.
    2. Minimalism is Good. Keep it simple but elegant. Remember all those flowers that blew your budget will die shortly after the reception. You’ll be left with nothing to show for that major outlay of $$$. Sometimes, less is better, particularly in the money department. Think about what “extras” make the biggest impression, and which ones will be long forgotten.
    3. Create Your Own Invitations. You and your friends can have fun whittling down expenses on Save the Date, Wedding Invitations, and associated printing, like the invite to the morning-after brunch and Thank You Notes. With so many affordable options available today, express yourself and your style by spending a little time browsing stationers, then designing and printing those uniquely you
    4. Flaunt your Vendors. In exchange for discounts, offer to display your vendors’ cards, i.e., DJ, florist, caterers, photographers, or others. Beside each guest’s place at the reception, exhibit a small card listing the businesses and their contact info. They will reap the benefits of advertising, and you will, too! Win/Win.
    5. On Sale. Music to most women’s ears. If you can, buy your dress off the rack and find it on sale. You’ve hit upon a splendid opportunity to conserve funds…and unless you tell, few will suspect it isn’t an expensive designer label. The same goes for your bridesmaids; give yourself (and the ladies) plenty of time to shop around.
    6. Group Rental. Tuxedoes are cheaper by the dozen. Of course, the groom isn’t having twelve groomsmen, but if they rent as a whole, the vendor may offer a group rate, and don’t forget the darling ring bearer.
    7. The Sound of Music. Melodies aren’t cheap. Instead of a DJ, bring your own stereo equipment and enlist a friend to oversee the entertainment flow. The local university probably features a music program that can supply entertainers at a fraction of the cost. You might be able to snag your photographer from the local art school, too. Think outside the box.
    8. Mum is the Word. When talking to your vendors, keep your own little secret for a few. If you say “wedding”, some vendors, like musicians, bands, florists, bakers and photographers, markup prices when they hear the w-word. Use words like “event”, “celebration”, or “dance.” You could well be able to hire the snappy pianist who plays in a jazz club downtown for less than his wedding fee.
    9. Shop! Even habitual shoppers may tire of their favorite sport when planning a wedding. Price shopping is a key factor in buying decorations. Most of you will be familiar with the large warehouses such as Hobby Lobby, but also try online businesses or consider buying used. Frequently, recent brides will sell their decorations on sites like Craigslist or eBay.
    10. Forego Groomsmen and Bridesmaids Gifts. Your besties will understand you are trying to arrange the finest wedding possible on your budget. They might even prefer a heartfelt Thank You Note to a present they may not like or have any use for.
    11. Don’t Stress!

Another segment of planning where you can save is on your venue. You are planning your dream wedding. Allow us to assist. When you are ready to choose shop for a location, think of Roof Garden.

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