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How to Arrange Seating for Your Wedding Guests

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How to Arrange Seating for Your Wedding Guests

Yes, you should assign seating at your reception to save everyone having to undertake finding a seat—and to make your own life less stressful. What if your parents are divorced but not on the best terms? Would you want them ending up at the same table because the others were already occupied. Also, think of any elderly attendees who require a seat, even if you are having a more casual affair with a buffet. While other guests might be able to balance standing and eating or standing and sitting, those more advanced in age probably require an assigned seat or, at least, an assigned table to assure their comfort.

The most difficult part of wedding planning may be the seating chart. It can be an emotional and difficult chore that has to be done with the other last-minute planning because you have to wait for all your RSVPs to come in. So, what do you do?

At the very least you can assign tables with place cards which can be used alone or with escort cards. They are displayed at the entrance, including the guest’s name, in alphabetical order, along with the table number. This allows guests to choose their own seats at the table. On the other hand, with a formal seating plan, escort cards designate seating at the tables.

Seat younger members of the party closer to the dance floor and older guests farther away. It is likely that your college chums and wedding party will spend more time on the dance floor than grandmothers and grandfathers. Though with spry seniors, we may be wrong!

Of course, there is an etiquette involved. A table must be chosen for the bride and groom. Traditionally, the bride and groom are at a long rectangular head table, round table at a central vantage point in the room, or at a “sweetheart” table. Normally, the bridal table is defined by some sort of decoration like flowers.

In days gone by, the marital couple was seated at different tables, but rarely is this tradition used today. Now, the wedding party or the best man and maid of honor with their guests are seated at the bridal table. If space doesn’t allow, the remaining wedding attendants and guests can be seated at a different table.

Your first urge may be to have a “singles” table, however this could be a source of embarrassment to your single guests. Then again, it isn’t a great idea to place your unmarried friend at a table of beaming newlyweds!

How do you handle children if they will be at your wedding? Set up a special table for them or if your ring bearer and flower girl are the only youngsters at the reception, they should sit with their parents.

Often the parents of the bride and groom sit at the same table, seated opposite each other along with grandparents and other close friends. In the alternative, you may have your parents and your partner’s parents each host a different table.

You know your friends and family. Though this can be one of the most difficult parts of wedding planning, involving both you and your partner (with differences arising), the time and effort you devote to a seating chart can be worth its weight in gold on that special day. You won’t be watching your guests scramble for a seat or find your darling grandmother covering her ears when the band starts with the first loud song.

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