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How Much Should You Be Spending on a Wedding Venue?

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How Much Should You Be Spending on a Wedding Venue?

The cost of a wedding venue in the United States can vary extensively. Investigate all options, then make your selection based on the products and services that best fit your theme and your budget. Your choice of an event location is a key decision because it can make or break your wedding. So, how much can you expect to pay for this important part of your wedding?

One estimate said that a couple can anticipate paying between $2,711 – $4,518. You can expect to spend between $5,421 – $7,228+ for experienced professionals, popular locations, and unique or custom products and services. The venue could conceivably cost as much as a year’s college tuition. Sometimes, popular venues require head count minimums and refuse to host a small wedding, while others might have a per-head minimum.

Another source referenced different amounts, stating that, at a banquet hall, you would probably be charged $500 to $2,500, including linens, tables, chairs, flatware and stemware, and a per-person catering charge, customarily requiring a minimum total food-and-drink expenditure. Fancier event locations like hotels may cost about $2,500 to $10,000+ for ballroom or other large space rental. Also, they may require using an on-site caterer with fees ranging between $125 and $350+ per person.

Responses to a poll on Wedding Wire varied from $11,000 to $45 (Slide Rock State Park in Sedona, AZ including both the ceremony and the reception).

Of course, some cities and towns, like New York or Los Angeles, are simply more expensive than others with regard to wedding venues. Small towns or remote locations may necessitate spending more if flowers and talent must be imported from a long way. In peak season, tourist towns may increase the cost of an event location. As mentioned above, some venues such as a city park have low fees or are free. In urban areas, the average cost for a 150-person wedding is approximately $25,000.

Be sure to inquire as to whether you will be permitted to use an outside caterer. Ask what the venue’s policy is on bringing your own alcoholic beverages and serving them. Many venues have strict food and drink policies that substantially impact your budget and plans.

What can you expect to be included?

  • Many venues offer parking for reception guests at no charge.
  • Some provide one or more staff members to oversee the event, and others include the services of an in-house wedding planner.
  • Usually access to the venue ahead of time for planning and decorating purposes is allowed.

Like other wedding costs, the fee for the location can be reduced by having a morning wedding, afternoon wedding or off-season. Sought-after seasons and days of the week are pricier for obvious reasons and may affect the cost of the wedding venue as well.
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