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Getting Tired of Planning Your Wedding – 7 Sources of Inspiration

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Getting Tired of Planning Your Wedding – 7 Sources of Inspiration

If you’re at the point of screaming if someone asks, “How’s your wedding planning going?” then it might be time to take a break, a deep breath, and find your calm. There are ways to break the stress of the whole complicated, mind-blowing thing without eloping. Whether these are sources of inspiration or simply ways to survive may be unclear, but hopefully you’ll find something that will help you with wedding burnout.

1. Create a Wedding Zone or Wedding-Free Zone.

Then keep the rest of the house clear of wedding stuff. It may have started with only wedding invitations on the dining room table, but rapidly took over the rest of the house with bridal looks taped to the bathroom mirror, inspiration pictures on your desk and now it’s wedding, wedding everywhere. That one space for the “Wedding” will make a lot of difference in your wedding hate.

2. Date your Partner.

Remember how hot you thought how your partner was and how you got butterflies in your stomach when you kissed. Recreate those days with date nights, those hot kisses, and cling to the reason you’re getting married in the first place.

3. Find a Hobby.

Don’t go DIY crazy and suddenly decide to make your wedding dress! Learn something new for the fun of it, not just for your wedding. It’s hard to brood about wedding planning when you’re involved in a new venture and having loads of fun.

4. Give Planning Your Wedding a Break and Plan Your Future.

Your wedding is merely the first stop of a lifelong journey. Think about the fun things in your future like that upcoming trip to Hawaii or your sister’s big summer party that’s always such a blast.

5. Plan Something Else.

Like anything else, breaking up something huge into smaller pieces makes it easier to deal with. Plan that vacation to Hawaii or take a short vacation within your budget. Have a party or a big barbecue! When is the last time you hosted a fantastic party? Party like you just got engaged. If you think of all the fun things coming up, you won’t have time to think about the million things you need to do. Get busy living instead.

6. Make it Simple.

That doesn’t mean finding a better wedding tracker program. Simplify means “make things easier.” If you don’t need something, let it go. Guess what. No one will know.

7. Focus on Priorities.

There’s no script for a wedding, and you can’t plan for every eventuality or every detail. Keeping your priorities is important whether it’s the cake, the reception, your guests—you get the idea. Do your best, but realize that perfection rarely happens. If you focus on your priorities, then the rest of it can be a little easier to let go.

If wedding planning is making you miserable, it’s time for a change. Maybe it’s because you are ready to be MARRIED to the love of your life.

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