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Fun Engagement Party Ideas to Celebrate

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Fun Engagement Party Ideas to Celebrate

Generally, the bride-to-be’s family hosts the engagement party. Close friends and family members are invited to congratulate the couple as they embark on this new chapter in their relationship. This celebration shouldn’t rival the wedding, but many couples like to coordinate the two events. There are lots of ways to make an engagement party a festive occasion.


Keep it simple…and perhaps amusing. Most party stores and wedding sections at craft stores offer varied, low-cost novelty items (large plastic rings, ball-and-chain gag gifts, and funny bride-and-groom figures) and theme trinkets at a low cost. Of course, typical decorations like streamers and balloons (in the chosen wedding colors) are always great.


Turn your party into a fun event. Games offer guests an opportunity to become better acquainted with the couple and their adventures as well as proving an enjoyable diversion. A few to consider are:

o Engaged Couple Trivia. Guests ask the couple questions to see how much they know about each other or the couple ask each other questions to reveal more about their relationship.
o The Almost Newlyweds. This variation on the popular Newlywed Game can be played by only the couple or by all couples at the party.
o Diamond Ice Carving. Give each guest an ice cube to carve into a diamond and see who the next ice sculpting genius is.
o Do you dare to let your guests reinvent the proposal speech with a silly word game? This is an easy DIY with a computer and printer or an inexpensive printing venture at a local print shop.

Other games like a Karaoke contest can lend a bit of hilarity to the get together.

Food, Drink and Theme

Toast your pending nuptials with a champagne tower. Delight your guests with an “engagement cake” of layers of cheesecake—or real, varied cheeses. Coordinate food with your wedding theme:

o Planning a beach wedding? Wouldn’t tropical drinks and Caribbean food be just the ticket?
o Mexican fare and margaritas are a feast for an informal wedding.
o An outdoor barbeque with burgers, hotdogs and picnic salads is sure to delight.
o Dessert-only party showcasing a selection of sweets with coffee or port.
o Elegant wine and cheese party featuring specialty cheeses, fresh fruits and crackers.
o French fries and sliders?
o Mini servings of tomato bisque with a sliver of French bread

Going formal?

o Delicious hors d’oeuvres such as cheese-filled puff pastry, bruschetta, shrimp, rich cheeses, oysters Rockefeller, crab cakes and champagne.
o A sit-down dinner of your favorite foods.
o Chocolate and champagne engagement party. Can’t you just see that chocolate fondue fountain?

How about…

• DIY a table runner of photos of you as a couple.
• Are dreams of a tulle wedding dress keeping you awake at night? Why wait? Grab a tulle skirt and pair it with a simple top that will be eye-popping at the party. If you just love that short dress that isn’t formal enough for your wedding, now is the time to show it off.
• He popped the question. You said yes. Mini-bags of flavored popcorn are ideal as a guest gift, tied with a ribbon, naturally. In the same direction, present each guest with a personalized mini bottle of champagne. Personalized cork coasters are a welcome gift. Ring place card/photo holders are here.
• Reduce the cost of postage and give save-the-date swizzle sticks
• Show that you are Cloud-9 happy and hold your engagement party on a rooftop
• A sunset cruise ramps up the romance with great photo ops and treats guests to an intimate gathering that sweeps them away from day-to-day.

Appropriate timing to host an engagement party is 2–4 months after the proposal. How many times did we say fun in this post? An engagement party is all about fun. Be sure you include FUN in your guest list!

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