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Fun and Creative Groom’s Cake Designs

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Fun and Creative Groom’s Cake Designs

You ask, “Why a groom’s cake?” It’s a traditional gift that the bride gives the groom, represents his interests and personal style, and is his favorite flavor. Does he love chocolate cake soaked with orange liqueur?

Such a preference might become sticky later. Legend says if an unmarried young lady places a slice of the Groom’s Cake under her pillow, she’ll dream of her future husband. The Groom’s Cake is presented beside the Wedding Cake. This rapidly spreading, tasty Southern custom can be served at the reception or packaged for favors. However, with legend in mind, caution! Eat that Cake!

A theme often chosen by brides worldwide is sports. If your guy is passionate about the Houston Texans—or a dyed-in-the wool Yankee fan—sports is a sure-fire pleaser. An equestrian motif can make the horse lover’s heart gallop.

Is your dearest a car nut? A member of a specific car club? Does he burn the course in an autocross? Perhaps, you’d like to surprise him with a blast from the past…his very first darling metal steed. Give him the off-road vehicle you bump around in every weekend… topping his cake. Appeal to his imagination with the car he has always dreamed of owning…perched over rum-soaked chocolate.

For an Army, Navy, or Air Force man, the emblem for his chosen branch will reflect his devotion to that service. This is a good suggestion for policemen (maybe his badge sans number) and fireman (his helmet with number) as well as EMS.

Judges and lawyers have their own emblems…a gavel or the Scales of Justice. If you delve deeper, there’s a man with a white wig in both instances.

A consummate traveler might prefer the Eiffel Tower or Tower of London. Think the Caribbean or the trans-American train trip you took. Is his favorite travel spot Iceland? Tease with your honeymoon destination. Travel offers a world of choices. If his job requires regular travel, would he appreciate a cake with a plane topper?

The gourmet could be tempted with a chef’s hat or a cake on a cake. Thrill a wine connoisseur with his favorite iced onto his Groom’s Cake. How about a BBQ grill for the backyard entertainer?

Vampires, werewolves, and zombies are popular in today’s cultures. A dedicated gamer could find a sword or Pokémon just the thing. Writers or readers might delight in a book-theme. How about something that represents a character or book that his favorite author has written?

Give a gift of chess to your tournament champ. A cake that characterizes his hobby is both a conversation starter and a sweet introduction for those who don’t know your future husband. Listen for comments like, “That’s Jake to a T”. Speaking of tees, let’s not forget the golfer. Green icing with a hole and flag?

Sit down, close your eyes, and think about him, the facets and complexities that make him the person he is. Focus on his individual passion, be it skydiving, hiking, or gambling. Another word of caution, embarrassing themes are taboo. You want to inspire a smile not a blush. You wouldn’t want something so personal displayed for the entire wedding reception community to see.

The sky—and your groom’s taste—are the only limits in selecting your gift. A Groom’s Cake, stylized to suit his tastes, is another small way of saying, “I love you.” We’ve given you a few ideas to run with. We can’t wait see the sweet results!

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