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Fitness Apps to Fit into that Wedding Dress

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Fitness Apps to Fit into that Wedding Dress

You’ve chosen the ideal dress, shoes, booked your makeup and hair for that perfect look on your wedding day and are thinking fitness. You’re up to your neck in wedding plans—interviewing caterers, dress fittings, looking for just the right venue—and probably juggling all this with a job, but you want to get toned and prepared for the special event. What’s a girl to do? Turn to your phone! There are tons of fitness apps (strength-training, running, calorie-counting, general weight loss) that will help you look even better in that fabulous gown and have fun in the process. Most are available for IOS and Android and are FREE.

My Fitness Pal

Keep track of what you eat with this user-friendly app, allowing you to monitor calorie intake and calculating the number of calories you need to lose or maintain weight.


Want to earn some extra $$? Grab this app. The premise is that you establish the amount you are willing to bet on your workout and diet progress. The app then tracks your intake and activities. If you succeed, you receive cash from other members who didn’t meet their goals. Golden!

Nike+ Training Club

Let this app be your personal trainer. Choose the body area for your workout, i.e., arms, back, waist, thighs, and the app will create a training plan especially for you. You can also select the level of your fitness workout. Whether you have chosen the fashionable strapless dress or a Duchess of Cambridge-type gown, target your problem areas with this app for results before the romantic occasion.

7-Minute Workout

A few simple workouts for the busy bride-to-be can tone her body in a short time. This one is easy to fit into anyone’s schedule!

FIT Radio Workout Music

Beats to fitness offers to keep a high BPM, maintaining focus, motivation, and enjoyment. New mixes are uploaded daily to keep the selection fresh and interesting so that you won’t run out of musical steam.

Pocket Yoga

Ever wanted to try it? Or already a devotee? This app is a yoga instructor inside your phone that you can contact at will. You can choose from a variety of selections, elect your performance level, grab your mat and start your journey to suppleness and fitness. Take a deep breath and be at peace.

Zombies, Run!

Talk about motivation! The idea is that you are being chased by zombies while you run. Each step is rewarded with tools that help you save the world while you get fit.

Charity Miles

Fight cancer or aid your favorite charity while biking, running, or walking. Corporate sponsors donate ten cents per bike mile and twenty-five cents for each walked or run. What better way to get in shape and benefit humanity?

Pzziz Sleep

Considering all that is going on in your life, your brain, and your body, sleep is as vital as physical activity. The relaxing sounds from this app will aid you in your power nap or a good night’s sleep to recharge for tomorrow’s challenges…and at the end of the day for the BIG DAY.

In your quest for fitness, as we said above, your phone is your friend and can allow you to work out as and when you can grab a moment from the chaos of those pre-wedding day stressors. Be kind to yourself at the same time. After all, your wedding day is about you and your beloved.

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