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Engagement Realities Don’t Have to Be Tripping Stones

Posted in: Wedding Planning
Engagement Realities Don’t Have to Be Tripping Stones

Greetings to the most beautiful woman in the room—the one with the special glow to her skin and the sparkle of happiness in her eyes. Yes, that’s you. Glance at a mirror for the reflection of the first moments of your engagement. Prince Charming has popped the question, slid the perfect ring on your finger, and now he’s smiling like he owns the world. You’re in love! You’re engaged! One day soon, you’re going to walk in as bride and groom and walk out as husband and wife.

Being engaged is like being a princess in a storybook. The clouds are spun cotton candy, and your fairy godmother has conjured up a silver coach drawn by dazzling white horses.

“No, officer, that isn’t my silver Nissan sedan. It looks like one I used to own, but I’m parked down the street.” You glance at your coach, readying to take you to the first stop in the quest for the “perfect” gown.

However, reality is following your every step, whispering to you that there is planning to be done, attempting to burst your bubble of engaged bliss. If you simply cover your ears, that voice will get louder and louder, reminding you that there ARE details to handle; important steps in your journey of engagement. Keep your eyes firmly set on your goal: “Mr. and Mrs.” Allow yourself to continue to walk on air, but remember to focus on the details too. Smile and open a bottle of your favorite wine—to share with your fiancé, of course.

There are a few common conditions, which plague brides-to-be. But if taken in stride and with enjoyment in mind, these can become some of the most memorable moments in the engagement voyage. Let us discover ways to get the most “bang” from your dreaminess:

  • If everyone, including that distance cousin whom you see once a year doesn’t show up at the boutique to admire, and AAWWH over your dress of choice, too bad. They missed a great time and a glass of bubbly to honor your perfect dress in the age-honored celebration of planning a wedding.
  • You’re proud of that gleaming ring on your finger; it means the beginning of your new life as “Mrs.”. So what if the cashier at Discount Tires is a guy who couldn’t care less about engagement rings, show it to him anyway—or arrange it so that it is clearly visible when you sign the credit card receipt. This same sentiment applies to the lady behind you in the grocery line. This urge is natural for brides-to-be. If people are rude, dismiss them as needing to be removed from the gene pool.
  • Your Wedding Day belongs to you and your man. You are sharing the experience with the people you respect and love. They are welcome to state their opinions—and there will be plenty of them! However, this special day should represent you as a couple…your styles and tastes. Make a statement of YOU.
  • Don’t let disagreements with your partner detract from the joy of planning such a special event. Learn to discuss rather than mandate; compromise instead of crushing; and take your partner’s wishes into consideration. Remember, it is HIS special day too. Think…it’s only a short period in the overall dream.
  • Schedule wedding-free time with your sweetheart and your family and friends. Everyone gets tired of the same old/same old all the time. Take a refresher break and do something fun, an activity that drew you together in the first place.

The Engagement Period is one of the most enjoyable and happiest times in the journey to the altar. Relish every moment. After all, your dream has come true. You’re marrying the love of your life.