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Engagement Photoshoot Ideas

Posted in: Wedding Planning
Engagement Photoshoot Ideas

Don’t let this facet of your engagement be nerve-wracking. Get to know your
photographer, choose a setting in which you are comfortable, and dress as you
wish. Gowns and tuxedos in a romantic setting or drinking margaritas in a country-
western bar —it’s all about you as a couple. Express yourselves! The more relaxed
you can make the shoot, the better the photos will be. Consider it a practice session
for the pictures that will fill your wedding album.

1. The Great Outdoors offers natural light that your photographer can use to
create special sunlight effects. Is there a favorite walk you and your
intended enjoy? A lovely park or an arboretum or beautiful gazebo
surrounded by natural beauty? Add some seasonal flowers to the look.

2. Choose a meaningful milieu, perhaps, the restaurant you visited on your first
date or revisit other sites significant to the two of you.

3. You’re in love! Make that statement in your engagement photos. Hug, dart
a kiss to his cheek, slide an arm around his neck or rest your head on your
beloved’s shoulder. Remember not to pose but to be as you are—a couple
in love, preparing for that enchanting walk down the aisle.

4.  Keep jewelry simple. The less bling the better to avoid flashy distractions in
your pics. Leave your watches and rings (with the exceptionof the
engagement ring) in the jewelry box. Don’t try to coordinate wardrobes too
much to suit either your color theme or looking like twins, and do not hesitate to use color.

5.  A venue that plays with scale is jaw-dropping. Think of a forest of tall,
willowy trees in a mist or redwoods in CA, pines in the Carolinas, or on that
train of thought a historic plantation near Charleston, SCor photos on the
famous Battery with its rainbow houses.

6. Brave the elements for dreamy photos in the snow— a snowy landscape with
white-decorated trees is simply gorgeous with nature providing the elegance.

7.  Find a beautiful bridge and take your honey’s hand or find a building with
great architecture to enhance your experience.

8. Stand in the shallows of a river or gurgling stream with your partner can be
an innovative shoot. Would that photo be more dramatic if your future
spouse were holding you in an embrace? Jump around his waist!  Hold each
other tight. Try a bridal embrace with the water lapping at your jeans.

9. We are in TX. Here are some ideas for lovers in the Lone Star State:

a. By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea. Galveston offers
mesmerizing waves to frame your photos or visit the historic
Strand  for varied places to shoot your engagement treasures. The island is
friendly, welcoming, and a perfect place to celebrate your engagement.
Shoot those photos in December at Dickens on The Strand!!

b. Discovery Green park offers lovers a view of Downtown Houston,
tree-shaded walks, a tranquil pond, grassy slopes and a fantastic op
to get photographed in front of artist Margo Sawyer’s Synchronicity of Color.

c. Sam Houston Park, Tranquility Park, Eleanor Tinsley Park, and
Hermann Park (take a pedal-boat ride in McGovern Lake or snuggle in
the cherry blossom trees.

In summation, have a professional do your hair and makeup. Looking great will
make you feel great. Pamper yourself. Ensure that the location is important to you
both and a backdrop you, as soon to be man and wife, love.

Looking for an engagement photoshoot location that will add beauty and elegance or just plain wow to your location —you’ve found it on the historic Strand in
Galveston. Let the Roof Garden be your backdrop and see how magnificent these  photos can be!

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