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Engagement Party Planning 101

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Engagement Party Planning 101

You and your beloved are getting married. You want to stand on the rooftops and tell the world. An engagement party is not only for this lofty purpose, but, you don’t literally have to climb to a roof to announce your love, unless that’s your way of making the statement. The event has two other important goals: to introduce your families to each other and to rejoice in your soon-to-be nuptials. In fact, customarily, the main function of the engagement party was to introduce the respective families.

Tradition calls for the bride’s parents to host the initial celebration, but the groom’s parents can throw their own get-together. It’s not uncommon today for both sets of parents to host a joint effort.

The engagement party should be given two to three months after the proposal. You may want everyone to know instantly, by a strange wedding kind of osmosis, but take the time to enjoy being engaged before the festivities begin. A spontaneous family gathering after you say “yes” is a good time for an intimate celebration, but a lush fete should wait its turn. You’ll never regret waiting to formally proclaim your coming wedding, as it can signify be the beginning of the frantic stages of wedding planning.

Invite every guest at the engagement party to the wedding. Otherwise, you are playing the hurt feelings game. The person may wonder what he did wrong to offend you at the engagement party. This is a good forecast of your ultimate wedding guest list, and you can use this information in crucial planning.

Be considerate of the two families. If your parents are a beer and barbecue fun type and his folks are dinner dances at the country club, you’ll need to find a happy medium to make both sides comfortable. The comfort quotient can be increased by inviting as many from their side as you can reasonably afford, trying to keep a balance to the guests from each family. You need to avoid a gathering with all your friends. These strangers to the other family might be very congenial, but they are still strangers.

It is now becoming common for guests to bring gifts to the engagement party. Historically, this was not the case, but to put your present-buying friends at ease, register for gifts in the low to medium price range. Unwrap the gifts after the party; let this event be simply about “meeting and greeting”. Further, you don’t intend to embarrass and make the non-gift-bearing guests uncomfortable.

The wedding is the main event. Don’t throw an engagement party that rivals the ceremony and reception. Your wedding day should be the “Big Day.” You don’t need for the wedding to follow in the engagement party’s shadow, and setting the bar too high might make a less lavish wedding feel like a let-down, not only to your guests, but to you as well. Try to establish a different feel for the engagement party in keeping with your style.

Imagine this scenario…

You live in San Francisco. Most of your family and friends reside in Atlanta. Enlisting local assistance, you can host your party in Atlanta. Approximately 2,500 miles across country? Sure there are planes, but…work with local vendors and friends when choosing the party venue, and factor in the location of your wedding. Asking your guests to travel a second time could cause financial strain and stress. It is much easier for the happy couple to travel rather than a large guest list.

In conclusion, don’t exhaust your guests with too many parties before the calendar flips to your wedding day. Revel in being engaged and take pleasure in a precursor to the lovely nuptial celebration that will soon follow!

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