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Don’t Make Any of These Silly Mistakes with Your Wedding Venue

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Don’t Make Any of These Silly Mistakes with Your Wedding Venue

After you’ve established your budget and financial parameters, the next consideration should be your guest list. Know how many guests will most likely attend. You do not want to book too small a venue or pay for lots of unused space. Most places can’t simply add more tables. Fire laws limit the maximum number of people allowed in any room at one time. Evaluate your guest list from the beginning, assuming about 80% will accept and limiting your list with that in mind.

Budget, financial parameters, and guest list will affect your next big choice—the venue. Location, location, location! This rule of real estate also applies to wedding venues. The place you hold your wedding and the site of the reception can determine the setting and may impact your theme.

Caution! Book your location early. Professional wedding planners book quickly. Of course, there are other venues, but you wouldn’t want to miss your first choice because you couldn’t make a decision. The venue might be available when you inquire, but nothing is concrete until a contract signed and a deposit given. Speaking of contracts, READ your contracts. You are spending too much money to skim.

If your favorite venue is unavailable on your first choice wedding date, don’t lose the perfect location. Be flexible with available dates!

Failing to barter or ask for that discount could possibly lose money that would be spent elsewhere on your wedding. If you have a certain skill or something to offer in exchange—negotiate. Asking for a discount doesn’t mean you will get it, but be brave. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Don’t select venues too far apart. It is wise to lessen the travel time between your ceremony and your reception as much as possible. If you are not providing transportation, distance gives your guests more of a chance to get lost, and the time spent traveling could be put to better use on your wedding day. Including brief directions to your reception site at the very end of your wedding program can prevent guests from going AWOL.

If possible, hold your ceremony and the reception at the same venue. This choice may save you money as well as time. Your guests will appreciate not having a lot of dead time between the two events, and it is likely they will also value not having to spend the extra time to travel between locations.

Photogenic…travel to a picture-perfect location for photos—shuffling your entire bridal party—between the ceremony and the reception presents a big difficulty. Find a venue with lots of picture locations that doesn’t require travel.

Arrange to see your venue during the time of day your wedding or reception will take place. That great view might create problems with too much light. You don’t want your romantic candlelight reception ruined by natural light. If you know what to expect, you can plan your lighting accordingly.

It’s a big mistake not to check with your venue on their ability to support your caterer. You could hire the best caterer in town, but if your venue does not have the facilities to allow them to work their magic, you’ve limited their potential… and your taste buds.

The most important thing to remember is that at the end of all this planning and prep, you’ll be married, and that’s the main reason you began this!

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