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Creative Wedding Send-offs for the Bride and Groom

Posted in: Wedding Planning
Creative Wedding Send-offs for the Bride and Groom

You have personality, style, and flair.   No better time or place to display your creative side than the wedding send-off! Will you have your guests toss rice or delicate petals? You’re beautiful in your extraordinary gown, and your new husband is the handsomest prince in the world. Seize this important moment of your Big Day and make it uniquely yours.

We’ve gathered a few ideas for awesome exits, some of which are traditional, others with a touch more panache. Take a breather from your planning calendar to browse these suggestions. You might find one ideal for your departure as Husband and Wife…or another may inspire you to the avant-garde.

  1. Pom-poms? No, not the cheerleader variety! Yes, beautiful, different orbs of color. DIY might take considerable time, but the resulting send-off photos and fun are worth the investment. Pompom makers are available for purchase or you may elect to make your own using those idle fingers. (Idle? Right).   They are fashioned from yarn and spare the rice, etc. cleanup. Guests will enjoy tossing these handmade beauties!
  2. A Bohemian wedding simply begs for wildflowers. For a really creative and elegant twist, wrap the petals in sheet music cones. (via Rock n’ Roll Bride). Beach wedding—miniature beach balls add pizazz to your theme.
  3. Glitz & Glam or a shower of color? Nothing says party better than confetti. You can go with neutrals or metallic or a multi-hued rain, and if you are lucky, perhaps, find some of the shades from your wedding palette.
  4. Bubble me. Indulge the Inner Child! Have your guests blow bubbles as you enter into your new life.
  5. If the light allows, sizzling sparklers held aloft are a royal salute to your future.   You don’t have to throw something when you can substitute this bright and beautiful practice that is becoming very popular. Not to mention the fun–all kids again!
  6. Glow sticks rival sparklers in the entertainment race. At night, glow sticks are absolutely stunning…and provide a modicum of light.
  7. Fall wedding—bag some leaves to create a rainfall of color and exceptional photos.   You’ll be making use of your surroundings and enhancing your wedding theme. Your guests will probably enjoy playing in the leaves, if only with their fingers, like they probably did as youngsters.
  8. If you’ve been searching for something non-traditional, but still lovely, try lavender. The fragrance alone is reason to choose this purple flower, often used in potpourri. Dried and sealed, lavender appears in sachets for freshening clothes and linens. As a wedding send-off toss, pretty paper cones filled with the herb are perfectly heavenly.
  9. Streamers are a great alternative, offering some awesome photo ops and amusement for your guests.
  10. Ecofriendly? Have your guests toss fragrant herbs, such as oregano, thyme, sage, etc. The fresh scent vies with environmentally friendly for the best reason to use herbs.
  11. Ladies and Gentlemen, we will soon be landing at His & Her Paper planes are an enjoyable diversion and a unique statement, particularly if one of you or a close relative is an aviator.
  12. Ribbon Wands are magical, fairytale-like, and add a touch of Wonderland to your departure. Display them at the wedding entrance. They are DIY and budget-friendly, or offered by many vendors, including Oriental Trading and personalized on Beau-Coup.

Make that send-off a moment to remember—for you and your guests.

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