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Corporate Holiday Party Planning Ideas

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Corporate Holiday Party Planning Ideas

Around the holidays, gifts are a symbol of celebration and gratitude. We all search for the perfect gift to give our family, friends, and colleagues.   As an employer, you probably search for a way to reward your employees for their hard work and dedication during the past year. Instead of buying traditional boxes of chocolate or cookies for your employees, why not host a corporate holiday party to treat them to a special night of fun and bonding?

Planning a corporate holiday party involves major decisions for the venue, food, atmosphere, and theme. The perfect event or party requires strategic planning in order to make it an event to remember. We’ve collected the most important planning strategies for your next corporate holiday party.

  1. Finalize your budget for the event so that there are clear expectations for how much you expect to spend:
    • How many people will attend the event?
    • Is this event solely for employees, or can they invite their families?
    • Will you be serving food or drinks at the event?
    • What size venue will you need?

  2. Decide on the theme and atmosphere of the event before choosing the venue, food, or music:
  • Will your event be a luncheon, dinner, or evening gathering?
  • Will it be a traditional formal event or a more laid-back, fun party?
  • What type of theme would reflect your company culture?
  • Is your party non-denominational? You may need to accommodate different religious groups within your company

  1. Research event venues:
  • Do your employees have any suggestions for event venues? Employees want to feel involved in decisions, so why not give them the opportunity to suggest good venues?
  • Which venue has the highest online ratings?

  1. Plan on asking the venues these questions:
  • Does the venue offer catering?
  • Does the food have to come from the event facility, or can you bring in a caterer?
  • Does the venue supply the equipment (tables, chairs, table decorations, lights, sound, etc.)?
  • Does the venue have restrictions for the number of people to attend or the amount of noise from the event?
  • Does the venue close at a certain time in the evening?
  • Does the venue provide wait staff?

  1. Determine the menu and manner of serving:
  • Will the food be served in a buffet, sit-down meal, appetizers Horderves and snacks, or a dessert bar?
  • Do employees have dietary specifications?
  • Does the menu match the theme and setting of the event?
  • Does the venue have catering partners who can offer you discounts?

  1. Play music that is relevant to the event:
  • Does the music match the theme and setting of the event?
  • Is the music selection relevant to your employees?

  1. Be organized!
  • Have you sent invitations in a timely manner and set a realistic RSVP date?
  • Have you organized a to-do list timeline and calendar?
  • Have you kept track of your expenses up to date?
  • Have you followed up with vendors, caterers, set-up staff, and employees ensuring that they will show up?

The most important part of hosting a corporate holiday event is planning. Plan well and your event will be a success. Make it a memorable event for years to come by mixing in some creative party favors like gift cards to Starbucks or iTunes, coffee mugs with candies or chocolate, or even personalized souvenirs. Better yet, raffle off a few large prizes such as an iPad, a weekend vacation package, or a night out in a gourmet restaurant. Not only will your employees thank you for a special night, but they will also leave with a renewed sense of company unity, motivation to work harder, and gratitude for your generosity. Make your employees’ holiday season one to remember!

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