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Corporate Holiday Party Ideas

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Corporate Holiday Party Ideas

A company holiday party is a great way to show your appreciation, boost morale, and allow your employees to mingle outside the office setting. If you’d like to plan something different this season, you might give some thought to these ideas.

Door Prizes

At times during the celebration, raffle higher dollar items such as a TV, Keurig coffee maker, or iPad. Gift certificates are always appreciated since they can be used to purchase items the recipient wants. A Bloody Mary basket with everything needed to create a great drink the morning after is a welcome gift. Be sure to include a premium vodka and garnishes such as olives and celery sticks. What a nice way to start a Christmas morning.


Set the mood with an interesting and visually pleasing theme that is different from previous years. Some theme ideas are Christmas Around the World, Winter Wonderland, or you could choose a holiday movie as your theme. You might wish to consider a mystery party with everyone acting their parts. Include dinner and dancing! A carnival, fairy tale, or storybook theme can be quite festive and offers built-in decor, entertainment, and food choices. Have a costume party with everyone dressed in 70s or 80s clothes, as their favorite movie character, or the Roaring 20s. Make it a masquerade ball!


Quality entertainment is a must. You want to encourage people to stay and enjoy the party, and there is no better way than to keep them entertained. Hire a DJ or a band—a Beatles tribute band would liven up the event. If the celebration consists of only an elegant sit-down meal, you might consider having a pianist or cellist playing holiday music while diners delight in the food. Or let the theme determine the entertainment.

Have a Contest

Give prizes for the most festive holiday attire, the ugliest tie, the woman in the highest heels, etc. The audience will vote to choose the winners.

Gift Exchange

Since gifts are a part of the season, organize a Secret Santa or White Elephant exchange, with a set spending limit. These are good for a laugh and encouraging people to socialize.

Company Gift

Be sure to include a gift from the company in your party planning. This can be something useful, something beautiful, or a gag gift. Time off is much appreciated. Other ideas are stainless steel wine coolers engraved with the company logo, gift cards, engraved pen sets, battery chargers, shirts, sweaters, or hoodies embroidered with the company name and logo, or bottles of champagne with a custom label including the company logo and the year.


Games with prizes awarded will encourage participation and add more fun to the party. Trivia, naming tunes, or holiday movie trivia are a few ideas. For a funny employee game, reward that person who always made the coffee or the one who always leaves the printer without paper. Create certificates to present during a mini ceremony and give each person an amusing gag gift to commemorate the award.

The Bar

Hire a bartender to save you the work and allow you to enjoy the festivities with your employees. As well as the jolly alcohol bar, set up a hot cocoa bar (complete with peppermint sticks) to give the event an extra holiday touch, or offer punches and ciders for the holiday feel.


Choose a beautiful design for your party invitations, sending them on line with an RSVP requested, to get an accurate head count.

Hold a Barbecue

If you are in an area that doesn’t get snow, break out the grill, buy hamburgers, condiments, potato chips, and coleslaw and party down.

Remember to hang mistletoe at the door—the holidays are about love, and perhaps, a touch of mischief. There are many ways to create an unforgettable holiday celebration for guests, for instance, decorations, menu selection, venue, and entertainment. Plan early!

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