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Beach and Destination Inspired Wedding Flower Choices

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Beach and Destination Inspired Wedding Flower Choices

Do you shiver at the thought of a cookie-cutter wedding? Do distant, exotic places call to you? Or would a nearer sun-and-sand location be ideal for your special day? The venue of your wedding can determine the kind of flowers in your bouquet and in your decorative blooms. The temperature and location may dramatically affect your choices as much as the theme and color selection for your wedding. Let’s think about a beach wedding, a wedding in a rustic retreat in the mountains, and one of those faraway places with a view to your flower selections, trying to avoid flowers that easily perish in each of these venues and cute ideas for each destination.


Shall we begin with a lovely beach wedding by the beautiful sea? Have fun, skip flowers and opt for a seashell bouquet. Attach or incorporate starfish in your bouquet. A bouquet filled with contrasting colors like orange and blue is a different idea and quite pretty. Want a different but durable bouquet for a beach wedding—think pastels: Hydrangea, Rose, and Ranunculus—sweet, soft and feminine. Another bouquet that pops for a beach wedding is Orchids, Pincushion Protea, Calla Lilly and Hypericum Berry—not seen at every wedding! What would your partner say to a Calla Lilly and Mini Starfish boutonniere for your beach wedding? What could be more beautiful for a beach destination wedding than centerpieces of Peony and Hydrangea coupled with coral-wrapped candles? How about a bird of paradise tropical bouquet?

Beach weddings are so much fun, it’s easy to get lost in the subject.


For a mountain destination wedding, a Dahlia, Ranunculus, and Succulent Centerpiece is an idea, or berry and rose chair decorations add elegance and style. Consider a wildflower mix bouquet in fall colors perhaps wrapped in burlap or even organza. Wildflower mix bouquets are color specific, not flower specific. Seasonal flowers are used to make these traditional mixes.


City wedding? A Peony, Tea Rose and Tropical Leaf Bouquet is gorgeous. Coral and cream wedding colors? Cream Calla lilies and turquoise blue Vanda orchids?


Dream of saying I do, in beautiful Tuscany or a Tuscan-style wedding? Centerpieces with Peonies and Roses, low and lovely, will enhance your tables. Since Tuscany is known for pottery, stone urns as centerpieces are appropriate. Red roses with a selection of fresh pears, peaches, and green grapes complete the picture.

Destination weddings are exhilarating and romantic but do require more challenging planning. Still, with destination weddings the theme is customarily decided for you. You can then enjoy the planning of your flowers. If possible, choose a local florist from choices recommended by the venue or local wedding planner. Using locally grown flowers take full advantage of the floral budget and increases the event’s authenticity. Keep in mind that “in season” is rather generalized and employing a local expert is of assistance in selecting the finest flowers for a particular season. Additionally, inquire of your venue if a work area will be provided to the florist and if added cost is involved.

Whatever your destination, consider the climate in your flower choices! Happy planning and have a beautiful day!

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