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Galveston Wedding Venue and Special Event Facility

Roof Garden Galveston wedding


Receptions. Banquets. Dinner. Dancing. The only hard part is who sits where.

The Roof Garden Galveston has the flexibility to accommodate just about every type of event. Deciding when the fun starts and stops and who sits next to whom is up to you.

Buffet and Dancing

Several seating plans can accommodate from 150 to 400 guests, depending on your needs.

Banquet and Dinner Seating

Let our consultants show you how to seat up to 150 for a formal banquet, with room to spare on our balcony overlooking The Strand.

Balcony Options

For all the right reasons, the Roof Garden’s Balcony is proving to be incredibly popular. If your event’s time of the year requires shade from rain or sun, we can help you find local tent rentals as well. True, you can’t beat Mother Nature, but sometimes she allows great alternatives.


The architecture and design of the Roof Garden encompasses Galveston’s Victorian-era charm combined with the warm Southern hospitality you can only find on the Texas coast.

Roof Garden Galveston grand staircase

Roof Garden Grand Staircase

Grand Staircase

Imagine your flawless gown cascading down our elegant Grand Staircase. The memories you will capture will take your breath away. Even for corporate events and private parties, this unique, hand-crafted piece of architecture is sure to impress.


Some folks truly need the elevator from the street level up to the Roof Garden. That’s why it’s there. Still, it’s okay to use it only because you can’t wait to get up here to enjoy the view.

Roof Garden Galveston wedding

Roof Garden Grand Ballroom

The Grand Ballroom

The Roof Garden Grand Ballroom measures 35ft. x 65ft. and is equipped with an ultimately danceable ballroom floor, French doors that open to the Garden Balcony and plenty of room for 150-400 guests.

Ladies’ Lounge

Sometimes the standard ratios and square footages don’t apply. The accommodating ladies’ lounge proves that gracious hospitality is not forgotten, but is certainly appreciated.

Roof Garden Galveston garden balcony

Roof Garden – Garden Balcony

Garden Balcony

No other spot on The Strand can boast a better view of Galveston’s famous historical district. Seat guests for cocktail hour, or use our Garden Balcony through the course of your event. The Grand Balcony measures 14ft. x 120ft. and is a wonderful space to enjoy with your guests.

Fireplace, Fountains and Arbor

Whether you need a cozy corner for quiet conversation, an open spot to meet and greet or a special arch to frame your special moment, the Roof Garden can help you have it all.


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