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9 Signs You Need Help With Wedding Planning

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9 Signs You Need Help With Wedding Planning

Your wedding day is coming. You’re trying to plan everything just perfectly. The date is set, maybe you’ve picked your dress, and you may even have the venue in mind. If the stress is building and you’re feeling stuck with nowhere to turn, here are 9 signs you may need wedding planning help.

  1. A close relative is pushing the boundaries and you feel like it is no longer your wedding. Whether it’s your sister, your almost mother-in-law, your own mother or your best friend who is “just trying to help,” you know when they’ve overstepped the line between helping and taking ownership of what is supposed to be your special day. A third party can take the pressure off, help preserve the relationship or at least help smooth over hard feelings, and give positive feedback for all that you have planned.
  2. You are so stressed that you are not enjoying the experience, are snapping at those trying to help you, or worse, are regretting or no longer looking forward to your special day.
  3. You thought you had budgeted enough, but … one way to be sure is to use a budgeting tool. There are many user-friendly, online tools to help budget your wedding. By categorizing each expense, you will be certain you have enough money to make it just as you’ve imagined.
  4. The venue where you’ve always dreamed of to host your wedding is booked on the day you’ve set. Aside from planning ahead and making sure it is available for the date you have in mind, consider a destination wedding in a place that will reside forever in your memory and those of your guests. You can’t duplicate the place you wanted, but you can choose a spectacular destination that is beautiful beyond what you ever dreamed.
  5. You are overwhelmed and are “stuck” in the decision making process. Everyone is waiting for you to pick the colors, the dresses, the theme, the date, and EVERYTHING! And you feel frozen, unable to decide, and afraid that every decision you make is not the right one. It’s time to ask for help.
  6. Your families have different backgrounds and traditions and you don’t want to offend one side or the other. By asking for each family’s input, while making it clear that the final decision is that of the couple, you can avoid the biggest issues. If too much conflict arises, a third party wedding planner can help smooth out the rough spots and incorporate the things important to each family more seamlessly.
  7. You’re not eating. Whether from stress, because you’re too busy with the time it takes to plan a wedding, or because you want to be a certain size the day of your wedding, not eating is a sure pitfall. Not only is it detrimental for your health, your ability to cope with things, you energy level, and your mood, but many brides have fallen or fainted during the ceremony for this very reason.
  8. The bride or groom or someone vital to your wedding day becomes ill, has an accident, or is otherwise unable to be there the day you have planned. When you need to change the wedding date once plans are already taking place, it’s time to call in some extra help. Your friends and family or a wedding planner can step in to make the phone calls to your vendors, and if necessary, to guests if there is not enough time to send a note letting them know of the changes.
  9. You’re procrastinating. At this point, you don’t know if there’s time to order the cake in time for the reception. It’s best to ask for help before that is a reality. Procrastinating is a sign of being overwhelmed, frustration, and of self-doubt. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness but of strength. You can do this!


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