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7 Must-Follow Facebook Pages for the Bride-To-Be

Posted in: Wedding Planning
7 Must-Follow Facebook Pages for the Bride-To-Be

Since social media has taken over our lives as a society, it only makes sense that it should play a role in your wedding planning. There are plenty of great ideas out there; many you would never even think about if it weren’t for people you don’t even know creating social media pages to express their thoughts. Facebook has more than a billion users so good ideas for a wedding shouldn’t be too hard to come by. Here are seven Facebook wedding pages we recommend you start following:

1- Bridal Lifestyle

This page covers the gamut of every facet of the wedding planning process. Bridal Lifestyle displays beautiful dresses from various designers that are anything but traditional (but even the traditional find their place here). The page also provides ideas for wedding table settings and centerpieces, elaborate venues, as well as shoes, jewelry and makeup ideas to coordinate with your dress.

2- Wedding Chicks

Running low on ideas, especially from a photography standpoint? Check out the Wedding Chicks Facebook page and see how other couples have had their engagement, pre-wedding, and wedding photos taken. This will help if you’re running low on innovation.

3- Wedding Window

Simplifying life during the wedding process is an invitation you’ll always accept. Wedding Window is here to simplify the wedding planning process by helping you build your wedding website, which is also very mobile friendly. The wedding website isn’t a necessity if you like to keep things difficult, otherwise, check out this page, become a fan, and get to building your site. You’ll be relieved you did.

4- Rock My Wedding

This UK-based page will be sure to do what it says it will: Rock Your Wedding. There are so many fabulous ideas ranging from photo shoots and cake designs to groomsmen attire and numerous DIY suggestions.

5- DIY Wedding Planning

Speaking of DIYs, this wedding Facebook page offers a plethora of conventional and rather unconventional ideas for creating invitations, thank you notes, flower arrangements, hairstyles, recipes for your wedding parties and showers, and all-around décor greatness. Whether you’re planning your wedding on the cheap or just want to add a very personal touch to certain aspects of the wedding, this is the place to visit.

6- Team Wedding

You need a team to help plan your life’s biggest event. Thank God there is Team Wedding. How to give a toast, how to have guests dress for the wedding, how to select your bridal party, even something as minute as how to wrap the boutonniere ¾ these are just a small portion of the posts on Team Wedding’s page. The sooner you visit, the better.

7- Brides

From the pages of the magazine to the pages of Facebook, Brides offers an array of necessary thought-provoking suggestions on not just the wedding itself, but also after the wedding. How to make sure you get what you need from the registry, along with how important sex is in a marriage. It’s the best of the entire world of wedded bliss. Visiting these pages will help you open your mind to the endless possibilities that you were hoping were an option. Don’t be afraid of your ideas. This is your time to make those wedding dreams a reality. Once you’ve turned everything into a success, post your photos to Facebook and let others learn from you. We learn only from each other and every bride-to-be needs a little help every once in a while. Wondering about your ideas and how they will turn out? Visit us at and find out all you will be able to do at our beautiful venue in Galveston.

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