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7 Little Changes That Will Make a Big Difference With Your Wedding Planning

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7 Little Changes That Will Make a Big Difference With Your Wedding Planning

You’re engaged, and you’re excited! Of course, you’re anxious to begin planning your big day. There’s so much to be done, and time flies. But…taking advantage of these little tips can help you avoid some mistakes and make the sailing to your wedding day smoother.

  1. First! Create your guest list. Will your wedding be an intimate, close friends and family-only affair, or the occasion of the season for hundreds of guests? Making a guest list can be hazardous! You and your fiancé may disagree, but if you stay in the trenches and work together, you can also decide things like what atmosphere and style you desire.
  2. After the guest list, choose your venue. It’s likely your venue will have the biggest influence on the rest of your wedding. For one thing, your venue will determine the style and décor. A rustic cabin in Tahoe will have a different feel than a grand hotel ballroom. You can begin choosing your venue by narrowing down by location and by type of venue. Make the internet your friend in this pursuit.
  3. Delegate! Delegate! Dance to the Music! Don’t attempt to do everything yourself. There’s overdoing it, you know, and this can easily happen, casting a shadow over the event.
  4. Spend your money on the most important things. What will you and your guests remember a month after the wedding? Whatever your budget, large or small, concentrate on what you will remember most, splurge on these important details, and don’t stress over the rest. Two suggestions are your venue and your photographer. If you don’t like your photographer, even if he is the best, you won’t look happy in your book of memories.
  5. Make checklists! The photos you want, for instance. Many checklists are available to help the bride prepare and organize. Check out some of these: Popsugar has a wedding day photo list, BuzzFeed a collection of diagrams for planning every aspect of your wedding, and RealSimple offers another checklist. The Knot has many other premade checklists. Save them to your wedding folder and use them.
  6. Have a wedding emergency kit for those annoying little glitches like the need for a safety pin or a stick stain remover. Plan to your heart’s content, but be prepared for the snafus that inevitably haunt every wedding.
  7. Consider making a timeline for the ceremony itself. These little lifesavers can be confusing when you’ve never prepared a timeline. Even if you’ve attended a lot of weddings, you probably haven’t noticed exactly how long each individual aspect lasted…unless it lasted an inordinate amount of time. Here is a resource to help you.

Your guests will remember a happy couple in love. They will remember the music, the food—and if there is enough of it—and maybe the drink selection. Plan your wedding around your budget, your wants and needs, and, needless to say, those of your groom. People are the most important thing, very much including the two of you.

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