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6 Things Brides Forget to Do

Posted in: Wedding Planning
6 Things Brides Forget to Do

Your big day is here at last, all the plans made, and you are ready for a once-in-a-lifetime romantic experience. A wedding is about romance, but there are some forget-me-nots that you, as the beautiful bride, must remember to make the happiest day of your life run smoothly and be as memorable as you have anticipated from the moment your hero slid the engagement ring onto the third finger of your left hand.

Forgetting any of the items listed below could cast a shadow on your wedding day—a day that must be sunny and filled with love.

  1. Marriage License. This certificate is critical in legalizing your marriage. Well in advance of The Day check with the local officials to ascertain requirements for obtaining this crucial documentation. Take your license to the ceremony.
  2. Guest Book and Pens. Consider a book that is special to you and the groom, perhaps, with pictures or quotations. You will treasure this book with your guests’ comments for a lifetime. You don’t want to stop at a bookstore on your way to the wedding and grab a Guest Book. Don’t overlook the pens! More than one pen is advisable. Everyone knows how pens simply disappear. There must be a special place where lost pens go.
  3. Cake Knife and Toasting Flutes. The cutting of the wedding cake and the champagne toast play big parts in the romance inherent to a wedding. A lovely cake knife and server add to the beauty of the moment, and champagne, or any beverage, just tastes better from crystal. Whether you are given the flutes as a gift or they have been passed down from generation to generation, be sure to add them to your list. Carefully pack these fragile items with the other effects for your reception. Overlooking the cake knife and flutes could tarnish an otherwise golden moment.
  4. Passport and Identification. Without the proper documents, your happy honeymoon will be cut short, or, perhaps not begin in the first place. You wouldn’t want your honeymoon spoiled by not having the proper documents. Needless to say, when traveling abroad, your passport must be up-to-date. If you don’t have a driver’s license, the passport can be used for official identification. Add these credentials to your carry-on luggage and/or handbag to keep them handy.
  5. Vendor Meals. Think of the number of people who work hard to make your day unforgettable. Don’t neglect to tell your caterer how many vendors, including your photographer, videographer, wedding planner and assistants, must be fed, enabling the preparation of simple meals for them. Most caterers provide this service at a reduced rate.
  6. Reviews for Vendors. After the wedding, you are relaxing into your new life with your husband, and this one is easy to fail to remember. Vendors appreciate honest reviews of their services. When you’re procrastinating, please remember you may guide another bride in the right direction or spare her the heartache of employing a bad vendor. Hopefully, you’ve been satisfied with all your vendors!

The most important forget-me-not is the hero in this romance. With all the exciting happenings—and we mustn’t discount stress—he might be forgotten. You should involve your future husband in the planning of your wedding as well as other activities leading up to your special day. He’ll be glad you’re making the effort to include him. This forget-me-not is a show of respect and love.

Love is what this whole thing is about.

Be happy! … And make a list.
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