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20 Insightful—and Fun—Quotes about Weddings and Marriage

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20 Insightful—and Fun—Quotes about Weddings and Marriage

Over the years, many famous and not-so-famous people have had lots to say about weddings and the institution of marriage. Some of these quotes are funny, some serious, and some derogatory, but the fact remains that love is the reason people marry, and love is one of the goals everyone pursues. A loving partnership provides comfort, stability and helps you live longer, according to statistics.

  1. This quote by an unknown author is very touching and insightful.

I dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance,
A church filled with family and friends.
I asked him what kind of a wedding he wished for,
He said one that would make me his wife.

  1. Some might find this worthy toast of use come their wedding day: “The bride and groom — May their joys be as bright as the morning, and their sorrows but shadows that fade in the sunlight of love.” ~ Minna Thomas Antrim, A Book of Toasts, 1902
  1. “A small wedding is not necessarily one to which very few people are invited. It is one to which the person you are addressing is not invited.” ~ Judith Martin, Miss Manners on Painfully Proper Weddings
  1. “That’s what’s so touching about weddings: Two people fall in love, and decide to see if their love might stand up over time, if there might be enough grace and forgiveness and memory lapses to help the whole shebang hang together.” ~ Anne Lamott, Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith
  1. Edward VIII abdicated the throne of England on December 10, 1936. The next night, he explained his decision in a worldwide radio broadcast. “I have found it impossible to carry the heavy burden of responsibility and to discharge my duties as king as I would wish to do without the help and support of the woman I love.” Wallis and Edward married in a small ceremony on June 3, 1937. Later, as the Duke of Windsor, Edward said, “Of course, I do have a slight advantage over the rest of you. It helps in a pinch to be able to remind your bride that you gave up a throne for her.”
  1. “Every bride is beautiful. It’s like newborn babies or puppies. They can’t help it.” ~ Emme Rollins, Dear Rockstar
  1. “The groom always smiles proudly because he’s convinced he’s accomplished something quite wonderful. The bride smiles because she’s been able to convince him of it.” ~ Judith McNaught, A Kingdom of Dreams
  1. “I’ll meet you at the altar”
    “I’ll be the one in white!”
    ~ Stephenie Meyer, Breaking Dawn
  1. “I’m sure I look memorable in my tuxedo, and she looks gorgeous in her wedding gown. I’ve wanted to marry her since I first met her. And being the best man doesn’t make me feel better.” ~ Jarod Kintz, $3.33
  1. “Laurel: I don’t need a ring or a license, or a spectacular white dress. It’s not marriage so much, or at all really, that matters. It’s the promise. It’s the knowing someone wants me to be part of his life. Someone loves me, that I’m the one for him. That’s not just enough, it’s everything.” ~ Nora Roberts, Savor the Moment

On the subject of marriage, we find a wide range of attitudes and words of wisdom—and some not so wise but amusing.

  1. “I was married by a judge. I should have asked for a jury.” ~ Groucho Marx.
  1. Marx was an American comedian and film and television star. He was known as a master of quick wit and widely considered one of the best comedians of the modern era. Another famous quote from Grouch is, “Hollywood brides keep the bouquets and throw away the grooms.”
  1. “I love being married.  It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.” ~ Rita Rudner, an American comedian, writer and actress.
  1. Then in kinder terms, Charles Dickens described a loving union. “Come, let’s be a comfortable couple and take care of each other!  How glad we shall be, that we have somebody we are fond of always, to talk to and sit with.”
  1. “It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
  1. “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” ~ Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice
  1. “The trouble with some women is that they get all excited about nothing – and then marry him.” ~ Cher
  1. “After all these years, I see that I was mistaken about Eve in the beginning; it is better to live outside the Garden with her than inside it without her.” ~ Mark Twain, The Diaries of Adam & Eve
  1. “By all means marry; if you get a good wife, you’ll become happy; if you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher.” ~ Socrates
  1. One of the most-quoted authors lived during the reign of England’s Queen Victoria. Oscar Wilde, an Irish poet and a controversial figure who spent years in Reading Gaol, wrote a poem of the same name. However, Mr. Wilde was a gentleman admitted to the highest society. He had this to say of love: “Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.”

As you rush hither, thither and yon planning your perfect day, this advice is good to keep in mind. The wedding is really about the marriage.

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