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15 Surprising Stats about Weddings & a Few Fun Facts

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15 Surprising Stats about Weddings & a Few Fun Facts

Ladies, let’s forget the stress of planning a wedding for a few moments and just giggle. We thought it would be amusing—perhaps even informative—to gather some surprising statistics about weddings. For good measure, we’ve thrown in a few funny wedding facts as well.

  • In pre-recession 2008, the average expenditure on a wedding was $28,082. In 2014, according to Washington’s Top News, a study showed the average cost of a wedding in the US soared to $30,000. That figure can’t hold a candle to New York City and Long Island weddings, weighing in with budgets of approximately $57,000. Couples want to create a unique, personalized and once-in-a-lifetime experience for their guests, and this can lead to increased costs.
  • The wedding gown took a large bite out of the budget with an average $1,281. Tuxedoes are usually purchased 5-6 months after the gown.
  • In our fair country, the wedding industry generates over 60 billion dollars a year in wedding and ceremony related expenses, not including honeymoons.
  • Honeymoon expenses are estimated to be between 4 and 8 billion dollars per annum.
  • The average engagement ring slides on her finger at the national average of $5,847.
  • Planning a family after the big day. Think about a future wedding. Normally, the bride’s parents pay 46% of the wedding costs. The bride and groom cover 40%. The groom’s family escapes with a whopping 12%.
  • Want to attend a big, merry wedding? Go to Iowa and Nebraska with an average of 200 guests at the buffet table or being served food and drinking alcoholic beverages. Pass the champagne please!
  • Care for a cocktail? 15% of receptions offer a signature drinkl with the subtle undertones of Let’s Party!
  • As in days of old…no…after the wedding, brides and grooms stay out partying with their friends rather than the romantic interludes of yesteryear. Why not? We have the rest of our lives, right?
  • The most common music genre wedding bands are asked to play is oldies/pop. Most popular dance songs? Take a guess. Bet you got it right. Lady in Red and Feel the Love from Disney’s The Lion King.
  • The average age for wedding couples in this country has risen. The mean age for men is 29; for women 27.
  • Guests asked what they remember about the wedding responded with a whopping 81%: the Entertainment.
  • Every year an average of 2.4 million weddings are performed in the U.S. as opposed to 150,000 per year in Canada.
  • In the US, second only to Las Vegas in the performance of nuptials is Gatlinburg, Tennessee with 42,000 weddings. The world titleholder is Istanbul, Turkey.
  • In America, TV soap opera weddings attract more viewers than a presidential address.
    On that interesting note, just for fun, we’d like to say that:

Long ago, when Scotsmen kidnapped their future brides, the friend of the groom excelling at the abduction was acclaimed to be the best man.

Tiered wedding cakes originated with a game where the bride and groom attempted to kiss over an ever-higher cake without knocking it over.

Wait for it girls! It is perfectly acceptable for a woman to propose to a man during a leap year.

By far the most requested wedding ceremony music is Pachelbel’s Canon In D, even more popular the various Bridal Marches.

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